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"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan (Excellent!)

Reagan - A Time For Choosing (Short Clip)

See more videos at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation YouTube Channel

Debate Bloopers and Gaffes

Milton Friedman educates Donahue on Capitalism & Greed (Excellent!)

Daniel Hannan MEP: Devalued Prime Minister (& President)

A Reagan Forum with Marco Rubio

If you want to understand the financial crisis, you must see this FNC Special Investigation: Saving Our Economy - What'$ Next? (Hulu)

Shocking YouTube Video showing Housing Scandal Cover-up That Led to our Economic Crisis

Barney Frank in 2005: What Housing Bubble?

Bush, McCain warned of Fannie & Freddie problems, tried to fix, Barney Frank helped block & cover up

Obama on Redistribution of Wealth Video

Obama says Constitution Deep Flaw Continues Today Video

Stossel's "Stupid in America" documentary special

When A 1950's Cartoon Contains More Wisdom Than All of Washington..

Things To Learn For Our Future (Assault On Jobs/Achievers)

Election Results, Looking Ahead

Assault on Free Speech


Assault on Charitable Giving

Auto Industry


Social Security, Retirement

War On Terror


Middle East (Obama's Fiasco)

North Korea



Foreign Policy

Election Results, Looking Ahead

Mainstream Media Ignoring Disaffected, Disillusioned Obama 2008 Voters

65% Angry At Government's Current Policies

Time to Put Obama's Dismal Record Under the Microscope

It's the Math, Stupid!: Seven Devastating Facts About 2012

Seven good reasons not to support Obama in 2012

Lessons from the Voter ID Experience in Georgia

Voter's Remorse - IBD Series (Excellent!)

Audacity Of Socialism - IBD Series

The Battleground Poll & the Battle for America (Excellent!)

The State of Conservatism is Strong (Excellent!)

Obama's Vision Through History

Voter Anger Is Building Over Deficits

Big Government Backlash

The Democrats on the Health-Care Precipice

O Come O Come, Emanuel

Rahm's Fuzzy Math

The President Is No B+

ObamaCare & the Liberal Obsession

Whole Foods Republicans

Kentucky Votes No

Can Republicans Retake the Senate in 2010?

No Way, No How, to the Public Option

NY State of Revolt

He Can't Take Another Bow

Why Obama Isn't Changing Washington

Hard of Hearing

'A Referendum on This White House'

The myth of '08, demolished-Krauthammer

Obama Is Losing Independent Voters

Hello, Tipping Point

Rebooting the Democrats

Crist Crossed

Tuesday's Suburban Vote Swing

Tuesday's Biggest Loser: the Union Agenda

GOP Gets Some Love

Obama & the Liberal Paradigm

Major Congressional Reforms Demand Bipartisan Support

Revolt in NY

Obama & the Old Hat People

We're Governed by Callous Children

Tuesday's Elections & the Democratic Agenda

It's His Rubble Now

Independents Lose Faith In President Amid Big Job Losses

Dan Gerstein on Harry Reid and the public option.

Why One Democrat Thinks NY Needs a Strong GOP

Republican vs. Conservative

Sarah Palin Weighs In

Property Taxes Could Sink Chris Christie in New Jersey

Why the GOP's Christie Is Struggling in NJ

The GOP's New York Fiasco

Creigh Deed's Union Label

Health Care's Coattails

Rules for Counter-Radicals

The Trauma of Obama

The GOP Is Winning the Health-Care Debate

Our $2 Trillion Bridge to Nowhere (Excellent!)

Obama v. Bush, the Sequel

Obama's Swing-State Blues

Unsafe at Any Speed

Check, Please

'We Are the Initiators'

Voters Turn Negative On All Political Labels Except Reagan

Margaret Thatcher on what 'consensus' really means.

Virginia Moves Back to the Right

Obama & the Left

Obama's Summer of Discontent (Excellent!)

Obama's Big Political Gamble

Obama, the Mortal (Excellent!)

Fiscal Conservatism & the Soul of the GOP (Excellent!)

Obama & the Perfect Political Storm

It's Still the Economy, Stupid

The Revolt of the Masses (Excellent!)

Chris Christie's Empty Campaign

ObamaCare & Red State Democrats

Harry Jekyll & Harry Hyde

Coruscating on Thin Ice (Interesting)

Saving the Obama Presidency

Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Gallup Poll

Why Are Jews Liberals?

Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense

Pull the Plug on ObamaCare

Protest for Me, But Not for Thee

Obama's Authoritarian Style

He's Not Jimmy Carter

Prairie-Fire Anger

Obama & the Permanent Campaign

Democrats' Fear Is Showing on Health Care

The Community Is Restless

ObamaCare Isn't Inevitable

Charlie Crist Lite

Arlen Specter's Dilemma

Liberals trot out the racism card to explain opposition to health care

Georgia Democrat yells at local doctor over health care

Blue Dog Blues

Blue Dogs: All Bark, No Bite

'You Are Terrifying Us'

Doing the Obama Hustle

Dem Voters Flee the Obama-Pelosi Bandwagon

The Obama Resistance Grows

Reinventing Chris Dodd (vote him out-2010)

Why Republican Infighting Matters

Live Free or Die

A Time For Choosing Again?

A Rising Anti-Government Tide

Fighting Against Dependence Day

Cutting Bait

The GOP Can Stop ObamaCare

GOP Should Run Against the Power of the Center

Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities

An Independent Streak: Voters in the middle are growing fonder of Republicans

'Conservatives' Are Single-Largest Ideological Group

Trust on Issues: Voters Still Trust GOP More on Economy

The Collapsing Global Left

In European Elections, Capitalism Triumphs

It's Up to Us

Clintonism Goes Down in VA

Conservatives Aren't the Extremists

Independents & the Obama Mandate

Urgency vs. duty of Constitution

77% See Politicians Unwillingness to Cut Government Spending as Bigger Problem Than Voter Resistance to Tax Hikes

Our Confused Age

Please, Just Don't Call It 'Socialism'

NJ's Flat Tax Debate

Waste of Capital

Bill Buckley & the Future of Conservatism

Will the GOP Leadership Fail on Sotomayor?

Is conservatism over?

Is this the end of conservation as we know it?

What If Arnold Had Seized the Moment?

Why Republicans will defeat Obama on health care

You Might Not Be A Republican

Republican Establishment Strikes Again

Toxic Pelosi

Republican's Must Stand Firm on Principles

The Cloward/Piven Stragegy of Economic Recovery

What's Elevated, Health-Care Provider?

New Jersey's GOP Sees Opportunity in Corzine

Colin Powell's Bad Advice

Republicans & the 'Public Option'

Republicans & ObamaCare

How Republicans Can Build a Big-Tent Party

Republicans & Obama's Court Nominees

Should the GOP Forget Reagan?

'Shrink to Win' Isn't Much of a Strategy

The GOP After Specter

He Had the Power of the Happy Man

Capitalist for the Common Man

Jack Kemp in His Own Words

Jack French Kemp, R.I.P.

The End of Conservatism?

What Spector's Defection Means

'Elections Have Consequences'

Another GOP Defeat

The Tories Are No Example for the GOP

Online activists on the right, Unite!

Gay, Proud & Conservative

Put California in Play

Twelve Steps for the GOP

Republicans Must Be a National Party

Theodore Roosevelt Was No Conservative

No Room for RINOs

Ryan for the Republicans

Take Some Political Risks

The Polls Show That Reaganism Is Not Dead

Swing Voters Don't Want Big Government

This Election Has not 'Realigned' the Country

History Favors Republicans in 2010

What Would Reagan Do?

Listen. Adapt. Be Positive.

Diversity Is Destiny

Obama Ran a Capitalist Campaign

The Change You'll Get

Duberstein's Loyalty

Obama's Dour Vision

The Alinsky Administration

Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist

Saul Alinsky Takes the White House

The Audacity of Barack Obama

Obama and Preferences

Voters and Marriage

Conservatives Can Unite Around the Constitution

'Compassionate' Conservatism Was a Mistake

Assault on Free Speech

Gutfeld: So Media Matters wants a war, ‘why won’t the right give them one?’

Journalism & Freedom

Media Criticism, Chicago-Style

All the News That's Fit to Subsidize

Bloggers Mugged by Regulators

War Memorials and the Constitution

Taking On the 'Democrat-Media Complex'

Academia Goes Silent on Free Speech

The U.S. Abandons the Internet

Going for the media's throat

FCC Diversity Chief Asked Liberals to Copy FDR, Take on Limbaugh, Murdoch, Supreme Court

Inspired by Alinsky, FCC 'Diversity' Chief Calls for 'Confrontational Movement' to Give Public Broadcasting Dominant Role in Communications

Free Speech, Take Two

The Chance for a Free Speech Do-Over

What's Wrong With 'Hillary: The Movie'?

The Media & the First Amendment

Free speech in defense of liberty is no vice

Campus Leftists Don't Believe in Free Speech


Experts question motives of mammogram guidelines

Washington's Gift to European Biotech

After Calorie Warnings, Diners Order More Calories

Heal for America

Why You Can't Get the Swine Flu Vaccine

Why the Health Care Rush?

Swine Flue: Don't Panic

State Employee Health Care as a "Public Plan"

Taxing Health Care

Health Care Reform-A Giant Game of Tag Where Americans Are It

Obama Would Centralize All Aspects of Health Care

Stop ObamaCare

Obama's 'Public' Health Plan Will Bankrupt the Nation

Memorial Day Makeover

Obama "Caterpillars" Health Care Industry

Industry Groups Say Obama Overstated Plan to Control Health Costs

The Cost of Free Government Health Care

Health-Care Reform & the 'Innovation Test'

Running for Lean Times

Ill-Conceived Taxes

Why a New Public Plan Will Not Improve American Health Care

What's Wrong With Competition In America's Health Care System?

How ObamaCare Will Affect Your Dr

Signing On to an Obama 'Dream'

Republicans & the 'Public Option'

Republicans & ObamaCare

Single Payer 101: "Everybody In, Nobody Out"

Pandemics & Poor Information

Specter On Cancer

Cancer Patients Deserve Faster Access to Life-Saving Drugs

Health Care's Test Drive: Student Aid

Don't Forget The Bacterial Threat

How Bush Prepared for the Outbreak

Swine-Flu Hysteria

When Pigs Flu

Swine Flu Remedies

Understanding Swine Flu

Obama's cure worse than what sickens us

Prostate Cancer & FDA Politics

When Doctors Opt Out

Is Government Health Insurance Cheap?

The End of Private Health Insurance

National Health Preview

10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care

Why 'Quality' Care Is Dangerous

A Health Tech Monopoly - II

Vindicating McCain

Stem Cells and the Truth About Medical Innovation

Cost & Consequences of Government Health-Care Decision Making

Let's Not Forget the Human Cost of Health Care Reform

About That NJ Organ Scandal

Bailing Out Bad Science

The Supreme Court and the Tyranny of Lawyers

Health 'Reformers' Ignore Facts

The Evil of Socialized Medicine

What free market in health-care?

Pre-empting Drug Innovation

It's Time to Fight the 'PharmaScolds'

The Obama Health Care Budget: Hopeful Saving & Costly Change

The Entitlement Stimulus

The Next Front in the War on Cancer

Mugging Phil Bredesen

'Too Old' for Hip Surgery

A Health-Tech Monopoly

Democratic Stealth Care

The Latest Entitlement

Congress Wants To Restrict Drug Access

The Pfizer Drug Warning

Beware of the Big-Government Tipping Point

What Medicaid Tells Us About Government Health Care

Hospital Scrubs Are a Germy, Deadly Mess

The GOP Should Fight Health-Care Rationing

Obama Will Ration Your Health Care

The FDA Is Killing Crohn's Patients

Wait-Listed to Death

Orszag's Health Warning

Unhealthy Lawsuits

The Obama Health-Care Express

Jindal's Medicine

The Obama Health Plan Emerges

What Do We Really Know About the Uninsured?

Tragedy Averted

Health Savings Accounts' Last Chance?

Rx For Health Care: Private Or Public?

Almost Everyone Would Do Better Under the McCain Health Plan

How Obama Would Stifle Drug Innovation

Obama vs. His Advisers

Our Drug Policy Is a Success

Assault on Charitable Giving

Obamas prove stingy with school auction

The G-20's Funny Money

Serve America, Not the Government

The Charity Revolt

The Obama Double Tax Whammy

Philanthropy and Its Enemies

Charity Tax Limits Upset Many

Conservatives Have Answered Obama's Call

A Conservative Philanthropist Looks to the Future

The Philanthropy Shakedown

Congress Targets Philanthropy

Auto Industry

Auto Bailout or UAW Bailout? Taxpayer Losses Came from Subsidizing Union Compensation

General Motors Needs a Culture War

How Ford Is Making Its Comeback

Ford Wins Election

The Meaning of Nummi

Saturn Couldn't Escape GM's Dysfunctional Orbit

Why Hyundai Is an American Hit

More Cash for Clunkers?

GM's Tax Shelter

Those Wild & Crazy Fords

The UAW's Defined Benefactor

Will Small Be Beautiful for GM?

Fuel Standards Are Killing GM

GM Gets a Second Chance

Government Motors: a dead-end deal

Cash From Lunkheads

What Detroit Can Learn From Silicon Valley

Hundreds of CEOs for GM

Washington Can't Be 'Hands-Off' With GM

GM Needs a Political Stragegy

Save the Motherland; Buy GM!

The Ethical Case for Boycotting Chrysler & GM

Barney Frank, Car Czar

Obama's America: Too Fat to Fail

Socialism won't work for Obama, either

If Obama Had Carter's Courage...

How Washington blew GM's bakruptcy

Were pension debts to blame for firm's ruin?

Fannie Motors

The Obama Motor Co.

Busy Not Running GM

A Matter Of Law

Government Motors is Not the Answer

How GM Lost Its Way

Little Green Cars

Just 21% Favor GM Bailout Plan, 67% Oppose

Behind the Wheel-Obama drives off GM lot-without a warrantee

Political Bankruptcy

What I Learned as a Car Czar

GM Bankruptcy & Nationalization: Exit Stragegy Needed

Government may worsen Detroit's woes

Light Cars Are Dangerous Cars

Emission Control

New CAFE Menu Will Give Detroit Heart Attack

Letter from a Dodge dealer

Bailouts, Abusive Bankruptcies & the Rule of Law

Beat the Dealer

Obama at the Auto Buffet

Car Crazy

The New Tudors

How Ford Restructured Without Federal Help

What Is an 'American' Car?

Return of Le Car

Don't Demonize Chrysler's Debt Holders For Standing Up For Their Shareholders

Obama to Secured Creditors: Drop Dead

A Chrysler Bankruptcy Won't Be Quick

Chrysler Goes To Court

Gettelfinger Motors

The UAW in the Driver's Seat

The Truth About Cars & Trucks

GM's New Road Map: Partial Nationalization

GM Is Becoming a Royal Debacle

Small Cars Are Dangerous Cars

Car Crazy

GM Bankruptcy? Tell Me Another

The Obama Autoworks

We Have Chapter 11 for a Reason

Would a GM Bankruptcy Crash Its Suppliers?

The Auto Dead Zone

GM's Plan: Subsidize Our 48-Year-Old Retirees

Detroit Bets Its Future on Washington

Let Detroit Build Profitable Cars

Why Detroit Has an Especially Bad Union Problem

Detroit Did All That?

Bankruptcy Is the Perfect Remedy for Detroit

Mitch McConnell's Finest Hour

The American Taxpayer Should Not Subsidize Failure

UAW Workers Actually Cost the Big Three Automakers $70 an Hour

The Bailout That Won't

Bankruptcy Doesn't Equal Death

Bush and Detroit

Let's Cut Cap-Gains Taxes on Auto Investments

Bridge Loan to Nowhere

In Defense (kind of) of Detroit

What's Good for GM Could Be Good for America

A Car Wreck Made in Washington

The Auto Makers Are Already Bankrupt

The Environmental Motor Company

Southern Senators Oppose Rescue

Why Bankruptcy Is the Best Option for GM

Obama's Car Puzzle

Detroit Auto Makers Need More Than a Bailout

Nancy Pelosi's Motown Juggling Act

Nationalizing Detroit

High-Octane Fix

Yes, Detroit Can Be Fixed

Uncle Sam Goes Car Crazy


America Leaves Itself Behind (Excellent!)

EU Grabs Korea Trade Pact That Was Ours (Excellent!)

A Nation That 'Builds Things'

Trading Away the Asia-Pacific

The Cost of Trade 'Enforcement' (Excellent!)

A Protectionist President

A Protectionist Wave

US tyre duties spark China clash

China Probes 'Unfair Trade' in U.S. Chicken & Auto Products

Obama's Trade Test

Europe Thumps U.S., Again

Stalling On Trade

Democrats Trigger North American Trade War

Sugar Land

World Trade Victory

The Black Liquor War

Southern Discomfort

Protectionism Exposed

Business Needs to Speak Up on Trade

Max Baucus's Fish Sense

Free trade as a stimulus strategy

Energy Cap & Trade Threatens American Prosperity

Obama & the Clinton Legacy

Trade Wars Brewing In Economic Malaise

Target: Intel, & Competition

Austan Goolsbee's Vindication

Anti-trade agenda a real economy killer

India's Faulty Exceptionalism

Cap & Trade War

A Seoul Warning

The Teamsters War

Mexico Retaliates

Washington Starts Another Trade War

Congress Doesn't Respect Nafta

Protectionism as Stimulus

Geithner Is Exactly Wrong on China Trade

1970s Deja Vu

The Election Choice: Trade

Obama Is Wrong About Colombia

Obama's Lame Duck Opportunity

Social Security, Retirement

Social Security An excellent resource for learning about SS.

The New Welfare Swindle (Must Read!)

A Rationing Advocate to Head Social Security Advisory Board?

The Nanny Financial State

Cash for Oldsters

Boomer Boomerang

Social (In)security

Obama Wants Social Security to Be a Welfare Plan

Raising the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap Does Not Fix Social Security

Public Pensions Cook the Books

Targeting Your 401(k)

Eyeing Your Pension

Argentina Impoverishes Itself Again

Obama and the Politics of Crowds

Obama's Money Blowout

Fire In The Night

Brussels and the Cucumber

McCain For President

A Family's Valor, a Nation's Freedom

Let's Be Worthy of Their Sacrifice

The President Comforts a Marine Mom

Bush Was Right When It Mattered Most

The 9/11 Presidency

Was George W. Bush the Worst President?

Bush's Achievements

History Will Remember Bush Well

Bush's Real Sin Was Winning in Iraq

The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace

Bush Is a Book Lover

Why I'll Miss President Bush

Notable & Quotable

Government Alone Can't Do Right by Our Wounded Soldiers

JustFacts.com a resource for independent thinkers. Excellent site for learning about the major issues of today and how they relate to the US Constitution.

War On Terror

Former Secret Service Agent Tells Wilkow Obama Administration Has Shown 'Sheer Incompetence' in Handling Libya Attack

OBAMA FLASHBACK: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease

A Family's Valor, a Nation's Freedom

Georgia & the War in Afghanistan

Guantanamo North, & East

Fighting a Smarter War in Afghanistan

Major Hasan & the Quran

Obama's Other War

A Wartime President

Bush Can't Swim

The Afghan Escalation

The Afghan-Pakistan Solution

Obama Can Win in Afghanistan

Decisions, Decisions

Major Hasan & Holy War

Terror by Trial Lawyer

John Kerry's Tora Bora Campaign

Eric Holder's Baffling KSM Decision

The Coming Jihadi Trial Disaster

Hasan, Not KSM, Is Our Real Problem

Justice Delayed

The KSM Trial Will Be an Intelligence Bonanza for al Queda

Two Ground Zeroes

Trial & Terror

Deepest Bow Is Reserved For World Opinion -Sowell

Obama's NYC Show: Starring Khalid Mohammed

KSM Hits Manhattan-Again

Justice Denied

What Are They Thinking

Context Of Obama's 2006 KSM Remarks

Why Fort Hood Really Happened

After the Fort Hood Massacre

The War Against the War on Terrorism

Waiting for Obama

'NATO Has the Watches, We Have the Time'

While the President Golfs

Obama Goes Wobbly on Afghanistan

Voting Present Is Not an Option

Afpak Progress

Evening the Score in Afghanistan

Civilian Courts Are No Place to Try Terrorists

Britain's Terror Double Take

No Substitute for Boots on the Ground

U.S. Credibility & Pakistan

Obama & the General

Intelligence Averts Another Attack

Obama Can't Outsource Afghanistan

Terror, Still

Obama Backs Holder in CIA Interrogation Probe

Commit to Afghanistan or Get Out

Information as the New Arms Race

The War on Terror Goes On

Obama's Befuddling Afghan Policy

David Petraeus on counterterrorism in Afghanistan

We Need a New Legal Regime to Fight the War on Terror

9/11 & the 'Good War'

Suicide of the West? -Sowell

The Afghan Stakes

The Afghanistan Panic

How to Win in Afghanistan

A Stable Pakistan Needs a Stable Afghanistan

Gadhafi Shows His True Colors

There's What On?

The Real CIA News

The War on Terror Is Over

Did They Work?

What the President's Attack on the CIA Really Means

The Fall Guy

Obama vs the CIA

The Left's War On The CIA

Cheney Statement on CIA Documents/Investigation

Leon Panetta's Agony

Prosecuting the CIA

Liberals & the CIA

The Afghan Vote

Revenge of the 'Shoe Bomber'

How We'll Win in Afghanistan

Judges Don't Belong on the Battlefield

The Kurdish Issue Flares Up in Iraq

A Letter to the Somali Pirates

Radical Islam Checks In

Why We Endorsed Warrantless Wiretaps

Dems Leak Secrets To Cover Pelosi Lies

Predators & Civilians

About that CIA 'Lie'

Pelosi v. CIA

Pakistan Fights, Congress Sleeps

General McChrystal's New Way of War

Deaf to His Charms

Don't Give Up on Iraqi Democracy

Not Right

Miranda Rights for Terrorists

Dangerous Games

Intelligence Mudd Bath

Palau to the Resue

War? What War?

Education vs. Extremism

Why It's So Hard to Close Gitmo

Waste of Capital

A Victory in Pakistan

Irag's Casualty Decline

The Terrorists' Best U.S. Hope

Dick Cheney's Second Act

On 'Torture,' Holder Undoes Holder

Obama's Deeds Vindicate Bush

Cheney Lands 10 Solid Punches to Obama's Jaw

And Then There Was Only Guantanamo

Battle Between Cheney & Obama Does Nothing to Advance the Cause of Winning the War on Terror

'Feigned Outrage Based on a False Narrative'

Bush's Gitmo Vindication


Terrorists Among Us

Yemen's Terror Problem

A Terrorist Defeat


The Myth of the Moderate Taliban

Obama's Military Tribunals

Democrats Discover Gitmo's Virtues

Critics Still Haven't Read the 'Torture' Memos

The Other Interrogation Memos

Panetta's Pelosi Smackdown

Why Pelosi's Hypocrisy Matters

Pelosi's tortured press performance

Pelosi: Utterly Contemptable

LeMay & the Tragedy of War

Pelosi's Self-Torture

Enhanced Lying

Nancy's Versions

What Congress Knew

Tortured Account

Vindicating Cheney

Debate Over What Constitutes 'Torture' Reflects A Dangerous Lack Of Seriousness

Obama's Photo Epiphany

A REAL homeland security test

Obama & the 9/11 Families

Obama Flambe

Give the Afghan Army a Governance Role

Photos That Could Cost Lives

Deadly Distraction

CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'

The ACLU Explains

An Intelligent Decision

Obama's Gitmo Mess

264, 263, 262...

A Tortured Rationale

Most American oppose interrogation probe -poll

The Real Torturers

The Politics of Liberal Amnesia

A New Defense Posture: Bend Over Backward

Who Is Rosa Brooks?

Torture and the 'Truth Commission'

Misconceptions About the Interrogation Memos

The ACLU's Photo Shoot

Liz Cheney breaks Norah O'Donnell on 'torture' discussion

Congress Knew About the Interrogations

How Obama's Decision Hurt the CIA

Ve Haf Vays of Making You Consent

Obama & the CIA

The CIA's Questioning Worked

The Memos Prove We Didn't Torture

The Case for the 'Torture Memos'

The Accountability Question

The Taliban's Atomic Threat

Two Wins in the Terror War

The President Ties His Own Hands on Terror

Inexcusable Lapse

'I've Lost My Brother Too'

Obama's Gitmo

Speaking Truth to Muslim Power

Somali Extremists Have al Qaeda Ties

Saving Captain Phillips

Not Impotent After All

The Pirates Challenge Obama's Pre-9/11 Mentality

Obama's Next Hostage Crisis

Accentuate the Negative

The Risk of EMP devastation is greater than ever. Why does Washington dismiss it?

War By Any Other Name

Trouble in Paradise

The Haze Administration

The Post & Abu Zubaydah

The Real Afghan Issue Is Pakistan

Mr. Obama's Surge

Prisoners of W--

Afghanistan and the Left

Yes, We Did Plan for Mumbai-Style Attacks in the U.S.

Iran Clenches Its Fist

Obama Channels Cheney

Four Papers in Two!

It's a Mad World

Congress's Phony War on Torture

Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil

Obama and Guantanamo

Obama Made a Rash Decision on Gitmo

Guantanamo Is No Blot on U.S. Honor

The Jack Bauer Exception

The Laws of War Have Served Us Well

This Means War

Torture Inquisition

The Wiretap Vindication

Holder for Wiretaps

No Such Luck

Security Should Be the Deciding Issue

Bush Was No Unilateralist

India Is a Key Ally in the War on Terror

Iraq 'Fails' Upward

Obama Tried to Stall GIs' Iraq Withdrawal


The Iranian Time Bomb, Michael Ledeen

What I See on the Frontline in Iran

The Peoples' Revolt in Iran

Iranian Scorecard

Iran's Democratic Moment

The Tehran-Caracas Nuclear Axis

500,000 Iranian Centrifuges

The Right Sanctions Can Still Stop Iran

Leon Wieseltier on President Obama's response to the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy seizure in Tehran.

Ahmadinejad, the Blogger

Obama on Tehran's Democrats(Excellent!)

The President Snubs Iran's Democrats (Excellent!)

How Iran's Revolution Was Hijacked

Iran, Its Hostages & the West

When No Means No

Denying the Green Revolution

Dickering Over Uranium

Russia Worries About the Price of Oil, Not a Nuclear Iran

Israel, the U.S. and the Goldstone Report

Intelligence Fiasco Footnote

An Alternative Nobel

Iran's Big Victory in Geneva

Springtime for Mullahs

We've Been Talking to Iran for 30 Years

French Atomic Pique

There Are Only Two Choices Left on Iran

Chickens Roosting

Ahmadinejad: Obama Agrees With Me

The Disarmament Illusion

Obama & the Politics of Concession

Our Missile-Defense Race Against Iran (Must Read!)

Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War

Israel, Iran & Obama

Taking Iran Seriously

The Emerging Axis of Iran & Venezuela

Sanctions Won't Work Against Iran

Expect More Adventurism From Iran

Talking to the Enemy

Engaging Iran on Human Rights

Why U.S. Diplomacy Will Fail With Iran

Smart Sanctions Can Work Against Iran

Tehran's Show Trial

It's Crunch Time for Israel on Iran

A Letter to Ali Khameini

'The Fear Is Gone'

Let's Help Iranians Beat the Censors

Iran, Islam & the Rule of Law

Engaged to Be 'Married' (2nd heading)

Iran Simmers, America Moves On

Obama's Obsolete Iran Policy

Silence Has Consequences for Iran

Mullahs Cannot Stop the Persian Reawakening

Solidarity With Iran

Iran's Democrats Deserve Full Support

Bush Deserves More Credit on Iran

Lefties for Ahmadinejad

What If Obama Did Want to Help Iran's Democrats?

Mahmoud's Friends

Iran's Regime Will Never Be the Same

Hot Dog Diplomacy

Will Obama Listen to Iran's Bloggers?

Obama's Persian Tutorial

Obama & the Rogues

Iran 2.0

Religion of Peace

Iran & the Tragedy of Bad Ideas

5 Ways Obama Could Promote Freedom in Iran

The little president who wasn't there

Let Turkey Handle It

Obama's Fantastical Realism

Obama's New Liberal Realism

Their Name Is Basij

Hope & Change - But Not For Iran

Obama's Iran Abdication

Obama's Choice Is Not to Choose on Iran

We Will Bury You

Just Tell the World, 'Go Hang'

Wanted: 'Hope' for Iran

Iran's Clarifying Election

The Iranian Rebellion

No Change In Iran

We're All Neocons Now

Obama: Iran 'Wants to Open Up'

'I Erred'

Don't let a good Iranian crisis go to waste

Iran Has Had Enough of the Mullahs

What If Israel Strikes Iran?

Iran's Potemkin Election

Values & Dangers

Iran: Elephant In The Room

The Axis of Evil, Again

Flashpoint: Satellite subterfuge

The Axis of evil Tortures Obama

There's No Room for Partisanship on Iran

Whistling Past Armageddon

Iran's Nuclear Shopping List

Israel's Secret War With Iran

Netanyahu & Obama Have a Shared Interest in Iran

Iran's Latest U.S. Hostage

What Iran Really Thinks About Talks

Morgenthau vs. Tehran

Pain Iran Can Believe In

As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void

Iran's Axis of Nuclear Evil

An Olive Branch For A Terrorist State

Iran Clenches Its Fist

Obama's Iran Crisis

The West Must Stand Up to Tehran

Iran Has Started a Mideast Arms Race

Iran's Precondition

Iran's Nobel Laureate Has Become a Target of the Regime

Obama Promises Bush III on Iran

Iran's YouTube Generation

Germany Loves Iran

Middle East (Obama's Fiasco)

Fantastic opening statement by Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Benghazi whistleblowers

'Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?' Biden's bizarre question angers father of Navy SEAL who died in Benghazi attack

EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

Ex-SEAL's Father: Hillary Blamed the Movie

'Stand Down': U.S. Had Two Drones, AC-130 Gunship, and Targets Painted in Benghazi

Ex-Navy SEAL: Libya Obama's 'Watergate,' Admin. Actions 'Unconscionable'

Father of Slain SEAL: Who Made the Decision Not to Save My Son?

Benghazi: Petraeus Implicates Obama

Father of Slain Navy SEAL: Hillary Promised to Prosecute Filmmaker Behind Incendiary Muslim Movie

Father of Ty Woods, Slain SEAL: White House Told 'Pack of Lies'; 'They are the Murderers of My Son'

Facts Increasingly Show White House Misled on Benghazi

Blockbuster Report Contradicts Panetta's Claim of 'No Real-Time Intel' During Libya Attack

Report: No Obama Gutsy Call in Benghazi

Retired Lt. Col. & Special Ops Planner Explains WH Protocol: ‘The President Knew Immediately’ About Benghazi Attack

Charles Woods Discusses His Son Tyrone Woods and Benghazi

More evidence of deception

CIA blamed Libyan militants, not mob, on first day

McClatchy: Obama admin changed story on Benghazi to blame video 3 days after attack

Obama Doctrine: Middle East Chaos, Soaring Oil Prices Spark Global Recession Fears

Obama Doctrine, In Pictures

Obama's Skipped Intel Meetings Under Scrutiny

Exclusive: No Record of Intel Briefings for Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks

Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'

Report: Hillary Ignored Warnings

Report: Egyptian Intelligence Warned of Embassy Attacks as Early as Sept 4

Former Secret Service Agent Tells Wilkow Obama Administration Has Shown 'Sheer Incompetence' in Handling Libya Attack

ROUND UP: Islamists Worldwide Setting Countries on Fire

OBAMA FLASHBACK: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease

FLASHBACK: Obama Praises Arab Spring Across Middle East

Flashback: Obama Calls Mubarak's Egypt 'Stallwart Ally,' 'Force For Good'

Renowned American School in Tunis Up in Flames

Obama Doctrine: Slashes Military Amidst Islamist Uprising

How Obama--and the Media--Lost Egypt

How Obama--and the Media--Lost Egypt, Part 2

How Obama--and the Media--Lost Egypt, and Israel, Too (Part 3)

Obama, Egypt, and Israel: None Dare Call It Treason, Fifty Years Later (Part 4)

Obama Donor Connected to Freed Plotter of Benghazi Attack

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Israel's Secret War on Hezbollah

Robert Kaplan on Obama's Afghanistan decision.

The Ugly Premise of 'Settlement' Opponents

Islamists & Ottomans

No Substitute for Boots on the Ground

Afghanistan & Leadership

U.S. Credibility & Pakistan

'Have you no shame? - Netanyahu

The UN's Anti-Antiterror Report

At the U.N., Terrorism Pays

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The Afghanistan Panic

What's Right With Afghanistan

How to Win in Afghanistan

Peretz on Obama's Middle East Delusions

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Talking to the Enemy

West Bank Success Story

Mideast Peace Starts With Respect

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The Afghans Have a Referendum on Democracy

Afghanistan Needs New Leadership

Dancing With Damascus

Double Standards & Human Rights Watch

It's Crunch Time for Israel on Iran

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Turning the Tide Of Battle

A Jump Start For Iraq's Private Sector

Obama Admin Must Focus on a Successful Transition in Iraq, Not Just an Exit Plan

The Troop Drawdown Could Be Costly for Iraq

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Hillary Is Wrong About the Settlements

The Iraq Drawdown Is Proof of Success

Why Israelis Are Cool on the Obama Speech

A Palestinian Choice

Don't Give Up on Iraqi Democracy

Islamists Lose Ground in the Middle East

What If Israel Strikes Iran?

Cedar Evolution

Obama Hovers From on High

The Good & Bad in Obama's Cairo Address

The Settlements Myth

Obama's Speech was Abstract, Vapid & Self-Absorbed. Krauthammer video

Obama needs to brush up on Middle East history

Obama's message of weakness

Diplomacy of Wishful Thinking

Barack Hussein Bush

Meek Prez Rolls Over & Lets Fanatics Set Muslim Agenda

Leadership Lacking in Cairo

Obama & the Moral Equivalence of Holocaust

Showdown in Lebanon

The Prism of Obama

What Obama should tell Muslim world in Egypt

Education vs. Extremism

Pakistan's Struggle for Modernity

Netanyahu & Obama Have a Shared Interest in Iran

A Strategy for Netanyahu

Obama puts Israel at risk

Israel Today, the West Tomorrow

Will Islam Return Obama's Respect?

As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void

Iran's New Target: Egypt

Pakistan's Existential Challenge

The War for Pakistan

O's Amateur Hour

Iran Has Started a Mideast Arms Race

The Lessons of Camp David

Notable & Quotable

Violence, Not Violins

A.Q. Khan Job

Iraq's Latest Progress

Iraq Is Obama's Mideast Pillar

Obama and Iraq

Obama Tells Arabia's Despots They're Safe

Muslims Against Hamas

War Is Weird When Played By Gaza Rules

Israel's Gaza Surge

Israel's Policy Is Perfectly 'Proportionate'

No Oil For Blood

North Korea

33 Minutes-Protecting America in the New Missile Age

Korea's Berlin Wall

What Obama Should Say to North Korea

Kim's Uranium Spin

Talking to the Enemy

Being Kim Jong-Il

Kim Dae Jung's Lesson

Mr. Clinton Goes to Pyongyang

Paying Kim's Price

WMD on Board

How to Stop North Korea's Weapons Proliferation

Learning to Love Missile Defense

Obama & the Rogues

Inside NKorea's Gulag

How to Help North Korea's Refugees

Tokyo Takes Action

Message to Kim Jong Il

South Korea's Bulldozer Heads for the White House

North Korea Deserves the Diplomacy of Silence

Obama Discovers North Korea

Jailed in North Korea

The Axis of Evil, Again

Flashpoint: Satellite subterfuge

North Korea's Advancing Nuclear Weapon Technology

If Pyongyang Nuked Seattle...

Target Alaska: Gov. Palin Pushes SDI

The Test Ban Treaty Would Help North Korea

North Korean Nukes: O's Kick in the Teeth

The Axis of evil Tortures Obama

North Korea Advertises Its Nukes

North Korea & Diplomacy

Korea's Obama Test

How to Reduce the Nuclear Threat

Get Ready for Another N Korean Nuke Test

Groundhog Day in Pyongyang

The Song of Kim Jong Il

Obama's NK Reaction: More Talks

North Korea Going Ballistic

Kim's Latest Hostages

Now Is No Time to Downplay North Korea

Engaging North Korea Didn't Work for Japan


In Elections, Honduras Defeats Chavez

The Cardinal & the Constitution

Chavez's Next Target: El Salvador

The Way Forward in Honduras

Hillary's Honduran Exit Strategy

Honduras 1, Hillary 0

'Dialogue' Trumps Honduran Law

Ortega Assists Honduras

What I Heard in Honduras

Revolutionary Anti-Semitism

Honduras Just Wants an Election

The Honduras Mess (Must Read!)

Hillary's Honduras Obsession (Must Read!)

Obama vs. Honduran Democracy

Anti-American Amigos

Honduras Has Won

The FARC's Honduran Friends

Banishing Our Friends

The White House's Latin Connection

The Path Forward for Honduras

The U.S. Steers Left on Honduras

Why Honduras Sent Zelaya Away

A 'coup' in Honduras? Nonsense.

A 'Coup' To Protect A Constitution

A Great Day in Honduras

Krauthammer on Honduras: Obama Is Wrong

The Honduras Predicament

Honduras at the Tipping Point

Honduras & Iran: Obama Betrays Freedom Again

The Wages of Chavismo

Hands Off Honduras!

Honduras Defends Its Democracy

Wrong Again


The Disarmament President

The Welfare State & Military Power

Why We Need to Test Nuclear Weapons

Obama Threatens the Peace of the World, How I Learned to Love the Bomb

Sarkozy Mocks Obama at UN Security Council: Hello, Big Media?

Sarkozy Mocks Obama at UN Security Council

Summits of Folly (Excellent!)

Why Democrats Fail at Arms Control

The Disarmament Illusion

Obama & the Politics of Concession

Our Missile-Defense Race Against Iran (Must Read!)

Obama's Missile Offense

Envisioning A World Without America


Hillary's Right About the 'Defense Umbrella'

A Laser Defense Hit

Why We Need the F-22

Why Revive the Cold War?

Biden's Good Gaffe-On Russia

Grounding the F-22

Obama's Ambitious UN Treaty Agenda

Don't Let the Bean Counters Run the World

Wasteful Defense Spending Is a Clear & Present Danger

Why We Don't Want a Nuclear-Free World

Plumage-But at a Price

A Troubling START

Arms Control Amnesia

Learning to Love Missile Defense

Read the Fine Print

Target: Hawaii

Saving the Raptor

Our Decaying Nuclear Deterrent

The importance of hard power

33 Minutes-Protecting America in the New Missile Age

What If Obama Did Want to Help Iran's Democrats?

General McChrystal's New Way of War

Contracting for the common defense

Best Defense: The left has allowed its ideology to distort its perception of global risk

The Arms-Control Dinosaurs Are Back

The Nuclear Realists

A Pacific Warning

Elephants in the Room: Of course the Pentagon cuts are about budget pressure.

Obama's penny-wise, poind-foolish defense budget

Hiroshima 2.0

Naivete Invites Aggression

The Pentagon's New Priorities

Obama & Gates Gut the Military

The Nuclear Illusionist

Starting arms talks all over

U.S. Defenseless Secretary

Being Green is not the job of the U.S. military

Whistling Past Armageddon

Atomic Bombshells

Disarming Ourselves

What a Single Nuclear Warhead Could Do

Obama and Missile Defense

Foreign Policy

Democracy Under Arrest

The Tehran-Caracas Nuclear Axis

Another Test for the Chilean Model

(Why) Obama Gives Britain the Cold Shoulder

The Vacuum Of American Leadership -Steyn

Former Czech President Vaclav Havel on President Obama's postponement of his meeting with the Dalai Lama.

The Disarmament President

Fruits of Engagement in Sudan

The FARC & the 'Peace Community'

Uribe's Constitutional Challenge

Circling Sharks Smell American Blood

The Fate of Liu Xiaobo

The End of Bolivian Democracy

The China President Obama Didn't See

Banished at Turtle Bay

Engaging Cuba on Human Rights

Uribe's Third Term

From Berlin to Baghdad

Why the Berlin Wall Fell

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Roger Kimball on the symbolism of the Berlin Wall.

Four Little Words

Obama bows, the nation cringes

The Missiles of October

Dismantling America: Part II - Sowell

Truman & the Principles of U.S. Foreign Policy

President What's-His-Name

Bare-Fisted Chicago Pol At Home, Pantywaist Vs. Real Thugs Abroad -Steyn

Dalai Lama Lesson

Trading Away the Asia-Pacific

Bosnia & American Exceptionalism

Some East German jokes about communism.

Obama & Darfur

Will Obama Finally Pay Attention to Sudan?

Does Obama Believe in Human Rights?

The Nobel Antidote

Mexico's Calderon Takes on Big Labor

Russia Worries About the Price of Oil, Not a Nuclear Iran

Israel, the U.S. and the Goldstone Report

Charles Krauthammer on the loss of American hegemony.

A Decadent Nobel

Norway or the Highway

A Perfect Nobel Pick

A Wicked & Ignorant Award

The Nobel Hope Prize

Most Embarrassing Moment

No Time for the Dalai Lama

The Agony of Olympic Defeat

French Atomic Pique

Sorry, but U.S. & Libya are different - Steyn (Excellent!)

Summits of Folly (Excellent!)

Ahmadinejad: Obama Agrees With Me

World's cowards exposed

The UN loves Barack Obama because he is weak

Obama & the Politics of Concession

Obama's Missile Offense

Sixty Years of Chinese Communism

Dancing With Fang Zheng

A New Nuclear-Arms Race

London & Washington at Loggerheads

The Emerging Axis of Iran & Venezuela

Mexico's Hopeless Drug War

The Audacity of Yuai

Japan Throws the Bums Out

The Yin & Yang of U.S.-China Relations

Why Should We Underwrite Russian Rearmament?

Anti-American Amigos

Why Revive the Cold War?

What's Different About the Obama Foreign Policy?

Four Ways to Help Africa

Biden's Good Gaffe-On Russia

The Next Step in the Taiwan-China Dance

Senate to Hillary: Support Cyber-Dissidents

Hillary of Africa

Obama Rewrites the Cold War

Europe Should Hope Obama Fails

From Russia - Without Love

World Bank - A Fatally Flawed Institution

Indonesia Is a Model Muslim Democracy

McNamara & the Liberals' War

Don't Abandon Russia's Democrats

The President's Mission to Moscow

Obama & Putin's Russia

A Fast One On An Ally

Picking on the Swiss

The FARC's Ecuadorean Friends

Southern Discomfort

Russia Is Back on the Warpath

Renegade Streak: Accused inclined to follow his own policies

The importance of hard power

Brazil Helps Kidnap American Children

The Real Story of the Uighur Riots

Brits Are 'P*ssed' About Uighurs To Bermuda

Ambassadorships for Sale

Obama Hovers From on High

Deaf to His Charms

Varieties of Nothing

Latin America's Brave New World

Democracy seen threatened by new authoritarianism

Obama & Democracy

Obama & the Freedom Agenda

Obama & Dresden

Pelosi's Chinese Climate Change

Chavez's Cash Crunch

No progress? No relief

India & the Future of South Asia

Europe's Last Dictatorship

The 90% Club

The Arms-Control Dinosaurs Are Back

Finally, a Real Revolution

What's Another $108 Billion?

Israel Today, the West Tomorrow

Obama Should Stop Talking to Tyrants

The Nuclear Realists

The Four Pillars of Obamaism

A Pacific Warning

Gordon Brown's Free Fall

Putin's Ninth Year in Power

100 Days of Good, Bad, & Ugly

The Idiot's Bible

The IMF's Gold Gambit

The President's Apology Tour

Obama Among the Dictators

Obama's Popularity Doesn't Mean Much Abroad

Between Barack & a hard place

Big Brother Weighs In

Tyrants Get Another U.N. Platform

The U.N.'s Anti-Antiracism Conference

Americas Summit: Missed Opportunity

Cuba Doesn't Belong in a Democratic Club

The Guns Of Calderon

Nicolas Sarkozy puts Barack Obama in the doghouse

Spinning a U.N. Failure

Canada Fills Obama's Leadership Void

Now Open Cuba's Prisons

Pirates Vs. the Rest of Us

Towards a New Cuba Policy

The Humbling of a Superpower

Humility Can Be a False Virtue

O's Amateur Hour

The Nuclear Illusionist

Obama's Unreality Tour

Starting arms talks all over

The World According to Garzon

Aid Keeps Latin America Poor

To Russia With Love

The Coming War on Sovereignty

Beware of the U.N. Human Rights Council

Bad News (Mostly) From Britain

Europe: Right on Spending, Wrong on International Regulation

If NATO Didn't Exist We'd Have to Invent It

Iran's Axis of Nuclear Evil

Spain Has No Right to Try U.S. Officials

That's What Friends Are For

No Way To Treat A Prime Minister

A U.N. Education

The Death of De Gaulle

In Praise of Mexico's War on Drugs

China Acting Tough

Obama's Intelligence Choice

Obama's Charm Isn't Working Wonders Abroad

Beware of Doing Deals With Putin

Why Nurture Russia's Illusions

Russia Shouldn't Have a Veto on Missile Defense

Obama's Missile Test

Foreign Aid and Bad Government

Atomic Bombshells

How Government Looks at Pundits

Zimbabwe Could Use Some U.S. Attention

Europe Reimports Jew Hatred

Dictatorship for Dummies

The Wizards of Oil

Bush Was No Unilateralist

Fighting Racism, U.N.-Style

Obama's Indonesia Test

Obama's Russia Test

Bush Does the Right Thing for Darfur

Same Old Berlin Wall

Security Should Be the Deciding Issue

Dodd's 'Democrat' Tightens His Grip

Notable & Quotable