Sunday, March 18, 2018

2nd Amendment Musings

It is because we care that we want to do something that will actually solve the problem rather than doing something that furthers the unconstitutional and political agenda of ignorant politicians and solves nothing. We should do something other than listen to the same deceitful politicians that told us Obamacare would make health insurance premiums affordable. The same ignorant politicians that voted against the recent tax reforms and voted to hurt the American people. If they actually cared, they would stop pushing unconstitutional gun control and enact evidence-based solutions that would solve the problem. There are things we can do help stop the shootings, so stop trying to do the unconstitutional thing!

Gun violence murder rates are down by half, at the same time the number of guns in the nation are at an all-time high. There are more lives saved with guns than are taken by them. They estimate between 100,000 and 1 million lives are saves by guns each year. We already tried an "assault" rifle ban. The DOJ determined it was ineffective. It did nothing to lower death rates. So why would we “do something” that will not do anything? “Do something” that will not keep our children safe?

We are teaching our children to go against human nature and science. We are not teaching our boys to be men, to be masculine any more. They don't have good role models. A real man would not shoot unarmed children because it is wrong, and it is a cowardly act. Shooting unarmed children is the opposite of being masculine, it is cowardly and evil.

Yes, we listen to you, but as adults and because we love you, we have to actually solve this problem. So that means doing things that solve this problem. Gun-control laws will not solve this problem. An 'assault' weapons ban will not solve this problem. It would also be an evil thing to do something that would take away the right and ability of citizens to protect themselves and their children.
We hate seeing you used by the media, politicians, and leftists pushing their political agendas.

These mass shootings show us that government is not able to protect us, so we must be able to protect ourselves. So why do some politicians want to take away our right and ability to protect ourselves and our children? It turns out, one of the least safe places to be is a gun free zone.

On the one hand the left says, “Trump is an authoritarian, a fascist", then they want government to disarm us. Does that make sense?

We protect almost everything and everyone else with armed guards and guns; buildings, airports, politicians. Why do we not protect our schools? Do we not care enough about our children to protect them? Are public buildings and politicians more important than our children?

Why should a 20-year old single mom be denied her right and ability to protect herself, her children and her home? Again, I say it would be an evil thing to take away our right and ability to protect ourselves and our children.

Among the understandable emotion and anger there was also hatred and bigotry on display at the CNN gun-control rally. What is wrong with the left, with the gun-control crowd? We don't shut people up just because we don't agree with them. That is fascism. This is America, we don't act like that. We are not fascists. Sadly, leftist extremists have turned away from what America should be and turned into deranged, hate-filled, unhinged, uncivil, and bigoted fascists. But that is what today's democrat party has turned into; the progressive, socialist, marxist, fascist party. We all know the history of these ideologies. They take away your guns and disarm the people, then force everyone to speak and think the same way. The last step is usually mass murder.

Today's leftists are already trying to make everyone speak and think the same way, through political correctness and demonizing anyone that thinks differently than they do. They are now using tragedy to disarm the people.

If you are forced to say things you do not believe, you are ruled by tyrants.

The left's first reaction is to punish law abiding citizens at the same time they advocate for leniency on criminals. They already banned guns in schools, the result is more gun shootings. Now our children are unprotected. Gun-free zones are the least safe place to be. Guns stop these kinds of shootings. Let's not forget the NRA member who used an AR-15 to stop the church shooting in Texas.

We want evidence-based solutions that solve this problem, not emotional reactions that are ineffective and further the political agenda of ignorant politicians.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Holes, Shows, and Outrage

If President Trump is a racist, he is not a very good one. In fact, he is probably the worst racist ever. At the same time the ignorant media and leftists were having their meltdown, he was celebrating and honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. He was surrounded by African Americans. In addition, unemployment and wage increases for minorities and Black Americans are showing the most improvements under Trump's policies. A direct opposite of what they were under President Obama's policies. Minorities and African Americans did the worst. We are all better off with the supposed "racist" Trump than we were under Obama.

I won't get into how the Clinton Foundation fleeced Haiti back when the earthquake devastated that country. Deeds not words.

"Racist" is but one interpretation of what President Trump allegedly said. How can I be upset about Trump when I did not get upset when Obama called countries in the middle east, technically in Africa, "s***shows". I don’t like it when people, let alone Presidents say these things, but it does not upset me. Be honest, most of these countries are dysfunctional, with both good and bad people just like we have both good and bad people in our country. This is one reason so many from these countries come to the United States. There is nothing wrong with trying to allow only good people to immigrate to one's country. Just like every other country does. Curtailing illegal immigration is a good way to start. With a merit based immigration system, it does not matter what country people are coming from.

I suspect most people don't care about the actual word the president used. If they do, it probably is fake outrage. After all, most politicians and every modern president has used these words. Rather, they are upset at what they perceive him to have meant. I also suspect most politicians and media personalities are not really upset that Trump said this. They are just happy that he said it and are gleeful that maybe this will be the one that takes him down. I do think the everyday people that are upset are genuinely upset, even those that have been misled.

Ignore what the media says Trump says and their interpretations thereof. Go directly to the source, in this case President Trump, and interpret what he says yourself. You won't be perpetually angry, and you will be so much happier.

WATCH: Rand Paul Reveals What Trump Did For Haiti As A Private Citizen, Delivers Blow To 'Racist' Narrative

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The 2016 Election: It is Finally Over

Do not succumb to the fear mongering and hysteria from the media or the political class. Don't believe it and don't pass it on. Most of these people don't understand economics anyway. You control your destiny. We the people solve problems and build a better future. Not a President and certainly not government. Have we not learned that from the current Administration?

Americans possess a remarkable capacity for critical thinking and common sense. The people of this country are a great people. It's just a matter of understanding each other.

I do not think this election shows race relations are worse than we realized. I am the same, everyone I know is the same. I don't know anyone who has suddenly become a bigot. I don't know about you but we grew up with friends from all over the world. We were living in MLK's dream. But for years now, to win elections and keep power, the political classes and their community agitators, and yes, many educators, have managed to stir many up against each other. Resist! Understand and love one another! Don't become a radical full of hate! The younger generations grew up together, but now they are being torn asunder. Not cool!

Is it not arrogant to think that everyone that voted for Trump did so for the same reasons? Did so because they are all racist? Understanding is warranted. For sure there are many bad individuals out there, but the vast majority are not. Many that voted for Trump did so after listening to his words directly and deciding that what he said was not racist or xenophobic. After listening to the things people say Trump has said, and actually listening to what Trump has said, I see why people don't think he is racist. I hear people, the media repeat over and over certain things trump has said, and how it's so horrible. When I look it up to check it and listen to the whole thing, Trump did not say it. When people tell me, Trump is racist and give me a "quote" of something he said, I actually listen to what Trump said directly and make up my own mind. Do you? You should go to the source and check it out yourself or you will be misled by groupthink. This is leftist groupthink; the media, politicians and educators misleading us. Since the media does not tell the truth, it is up to us to do it and reassure the misled with truth.

Trump didn't win because he said bad things, he won despite saying these things. There were a lot of Trump voters who weren't fans of Trump. Hillary is also corrupt, dishonest and deceitful all while she was a public servant. She betrayed the trust of the people she was sworn to serve and protect.

Many voters saw two candidates with severely flawed characters and decided to vote on policy or economics. The economy isn't doing well for a lot of voters.

To others this was a repudiation of the ruling class. A people tired of being ignored. A people tired of the unfair, oppressive policies, legislation and regulations being levied against them and feeling unable to stop it. A people tired of their Constitutional and economic freedoms eroding away. Voters rejected corruption and unfair federal policies. Policies like Obamacare, that punishes working families with unaffordable premium costs and health care.

This was a backlash against the overreach of, you think like us or we will force you to think like us. A decade of identity politics. The left divides and puts everyone in an identity box and tells the white male group they are the only bad one. Of course, a backlash happened against the pc elite, against social oppression. This is bad. There may be depressed, impressionable young people that will be influenced by unsavory characters. Like the youth who are being influenced by Marxists, socialists and other radical extremists in our education system.

This election shows a cultural divide. A Revolt against cultural Marxism, against the intolerance of the “social justice warrior”. Kind of a backlash against the cultural elites that mock those with whom they disagree. Everyone is a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe to the leftist elite if you don't believe what they believe. People have had enough of it. It is so bad, they’ve managed to find a way to call themselves racist. Privilege, or the more commonly used “white privilege”, which is a way to make someone a racist who is not a racist. Oh, and to the SJWs, free speech is great because then you know who the bigots are.

Classes being canceled because Trump won, is another reason Trump won. “Safe spaces” on campus is another.

This was an America tired of being mocked, being called racist, being called bigots just because they may be ideologically different. Just because they may not think the exact same way. There is no hate! This was not a racist or sexist election. There is no internalized misogyny. A coalition of all races and sexes came together to defeat the agenda of the left, of the Obama administration. So be it. Now we will see if problems are solved, instead of agendas followed for legacy's sake even when said agenda hurts the people.

Let’s not forget the Democrats in the rust belt; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin, that voted for Trump because Hillary said she would take away their jobs.

Trump did better with minorities than Romney, this includes Asians and Muslims. He did better with women than Romney. He got 42% of the women vote and he actually got 29% of the Hispanic vote. "Of the nearly 700 counties that twice sent Obama to the White House, a stunning one-third flipped to support Trump" Washington Post. I read somewhere that 70% of Trump voters voted for Obama twice. Although, I have not been able to find it again to confirm.

Minorities have more in common with middle America than they do with liberal progressive America. Why are all racial or gender groups required to all think the same? Isn't it racist or bigoted to require everyone in a race or gender to think the same? We are all equal. We want everyone to have equal opportunity to be successful, to be anything they want to be, to be the 1% if they so choose. We will help you. Our free-market policies help everyone.

It is up to us to reassure the misled with truth, to calm the violence. I remember how the media and others were so worried that Trump supporters would riot if he lost. But they don't seem to mind now that Hillary supporters and other leftists are the ones rioting. People are protesting and rioting a free and fair election, in actuality, are they not protesting democracy? Whatever, protest away, but stop the violence and the hate. Letting off some steam because you are disappointed is one thing, but come on. Even some of the protesters are going too far with their vitriol and threats. In some cases, anti-American extremists are fomenting these riots. Some of these protesters and rioters didn't even vote and many are being paid to protest. Even so, it is time for the riots, the violence, and the destruction to end. It is time they stop assaulting those that are different than them. The hate must end. There are those concerned about a Trump presidency being volatile and damaging. So they riot and burn things. "A lot of hate from the side that worried about hate from Trump supporters" a Hillary supporter. It turns out that a lot of the reported cases where crimes were supposedly done in Trumps name have turned out to be hoaxes. If there are more I haven't seen anyone credible reporting them. Trump called for the violence to stop. Now Hillary and Obama should do so as well. Lead.

All the protests, tantrums, riots, violence, death threats, hate, hysteria, hypocrisy, idiocy, Trump voters being beaten up, calling all Trump voters racist and other things, and all the antics and nonsense probably make a lot of people glad of the outcome of this election. The ignorance, intolerance and bigotry is quite remarkable. This, is why Trump won.

Liberal progressives have turned many Americans into radical extremists full of anger and hate against those who don't believe or think the way they've been taught to think. Our school system has done this to a lot of our young people. If not hate than disdain. That is why there is so much violence on the left. We saw plenty of it during this campaign. We saw it with BLM, Occupy Wall street and other so-called rallies that turn into riots. Undercover video showed that the left paid people to start fights at Trump rallies. The problem is, many take this seriously, act out and hurt others. Don't take the bait. Let's come together to solve problems. At least realize we are all different and be kind one to another. Do not let anyone turn you into a violent radical extremist. It doesn't look good on you, regardless if you are on the left or the right.

Dissent is patriotic again! We are all hypocrites!

I am cautiously optimistic.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Closing of the Mind – Social Justice Warrior

Today’s social justice warrior students protest to have their freedom of speech taken away. They do not want to be offended and they want their "safe spaces" yet they offend and bully others. If the First Amendment did not exist, they would not be able to protest and spew their idiocy. The liberal progressive leftists who filled their heads with this idiocy in the first place would have taken that freedom away long ago. These students are products of their upbringing and education. Their teachers and professors have ruined the lives of these students. Their minds have been filled with ignorance and hate.

Now is the time to reform education. We need to teach our kids how to think, not what to think. We need to teach them critical thinking, teach them how to think for themselves. Schools should be opening their minds, instead their minds are being closed. College used to be a place where you could broaden your mind, now too often minds are being closed. Common sense is being taught right out of their heads. Indeed, many are being taught things that are just not true, turning them into victims, agitators and radical extremists full of hate. They are taught that America is evil. They are taught that America is a racist country. They are taught that America is the cause of all the problems in the world. All this makes them prime targets for violent radicalism.

If you are offended or think others are offended by everything, then your mind is closing. If you demand "safe spaces", safe from any dissenting point of view, then your mind is being closed. If you have to have trigger warnings for words, then your mind is closing. If you are banning words, then your mind is closed. Furthermore, you are ill equipped to handle life let alone enjoy life. It is a disheartening and sad future we are creating.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Second Amendment

Liberal progressive democrat politicians have to care to some degree, right? But it sure doesn't seem like it. If they cared, they would not be using the victims of the Orlando and other terrorist attacks to push their ignorant agenda. If they cared, they would not be using the victims to push for gun control measures that would not have done anything to stop the Orlando terrorist shooting. After all their despicable, depraved behavior, why did they vote against two of the gun control bills? If they cared, they would not be fighting to take away law abiding citizen's right to protect themselves. If they cared, they would not be fighting to disarm law abiding citizens, ensuring only criminals and terrorists have guns. If they cared, they would not be fighting to take away the Constitutional rights of the citizens they swore to protect. They would not be trying to take away our civil rights. They would not be fighting to strip away due process. If they cared, they would not be ignoring the massive amounts of shootings in Chicago, a city and state with the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They would be doing something so the citizens of Chicago could protect themselves. If they cared, they would close the border and do their best to ensure only legal immigration can happen. Thus helping to slow the massive flow of illegal guns into our country. If they cared, they would learn the lessons of Paris, Brussels, Norway, Britain and Europe; government and law enforcement cannot protect the people, the people must be able to protect themselves, gun control does not stop mass shootings it just makes law abiding citizens helpless and 'gun free zones' should not exist. If they cared, they would fight to stop terrorism.

Excellent resources below.

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

'...the rest of us paid for.'

"There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a factory out there — good for you! But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea — God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along." Elizabeth Warren Quote

The rest of us paid for?! The rest of us includes the job creators and the very people that start businesses and build factories, this includes the mom and pop businesses who are doing their best to play by the rules. They all paid taxes as well! Their work never ends, long hours into the night, worrying how they will pay for payroll. If they are successful, they deserve to be held up as examples for us all. The more they are successful, the more jobs they create, the more they are able to raise the wages of their employees. In turn, this all creates more tax revenue. It is a disgrace that a U.S. Senator is using this flawed argument to stir up class envy, to stir up people against one another. A disgrace she is using this as justification for the central planners to come and confiscate more and more from the job creators, thus killing more and more jobs, resulting in less tax revenue. Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg! Sorry, this is just nonsense.

Now if she were talking about charity that would be great. I happen to know she is not. Money helps more when given to charity then punitive taxes to government. They are poor stewards of the people’s money after all, with all the waste, fraud, corruption, debt and economic ignorance. And we are supposed to thank the small-minded politician for letting us keep some of our hard earned money?

Government cannot replace charity. The more government takes, the slower the economy gets, the less money people are able to donate to charity, with less tax revenue generated. The more money the people have, the more the economy grows, the more money people are able to donate to charity, with more tax revenue to government.

"Would that an overbearing tax burden was our only misfortune. Underneath what on the surface may seem like sarcasm is dismay and genuine sadness for those who are about to lose the opportunities they once had to become the tax overburdened elect. Indeed, the reality that those already struggling for the advancement of their employees be overtaxed to the point where they and their employees lose that opportunity as well." Kristokoff circa 2012

In response to this quote from Senator Warren that I saw on Facebook the other day.

Elizabeth Warren's Quote

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Republican Primaries, Late March: To Those Who Think Hillary is a Better Choice

Trump does not hold public office. He has not broken the public's trust like the dishonest and corrupt Hillary Clinton, Obama and many politicians. He has not hurt millions and even billions of people. Hillary’s and Obama's foreign policy has helped destabilize the middle-east even more than it was. The "Arab spring" turned into an Islamic terrorist spring. They destabilized Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq creating a void that was and is being filled by ISIS. Thankfully in Egypt, el-Sisi wrested control from the Muslim Brotherhood, saving that country. By the way, the Obama administration supported the Brotherhood. The refugee crisis is hurting millions of people, not to mention the terrorist attacks in Europe. In Benghazi, Libya an ambassador and three other people were killed. Not only did Hillary and the Obama administration lie directly to the American people but Hillary lied directly to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks. Do you know what the Obama administration was doing in Benghazi? They were sending weapons through Turkey to the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. Many of those weapons ended up arming ISIS!

Look at the millions of people being hurt by Obama's economic policies, oppressive regulations, enslaving national debt, the heavy cloud of uncertainty imposed by Obamanomics, and Obamacare, not to mention the lies told to America to get Obamacare passed. It is so bad our government is actively hurting the American people. Every group that supports the Democrat party is falling behind except Wall Street and Hollywood. After eight years of Obama, is the economy resilient enough to withstand the next crisis, which could happen at any moment? The economy is stagnant. There is sky-high unemployment among minorities especially African-Americans. Median income is down. Income inequality is up. The "middle-class" is being destroyed. A record number of people are out of work. Low wage and part-time jobs are available but not as many high paying career jobs. A record number of people receive government assistance. There are more small businesses going out of business than being started. This is unheard of during a recovery or good economic times. And then there is the government mandated minimum wage. The liberal progressive left is waging war against the people of this country. Their latest salvo is raising the minimum wage. Raising the government mandated minimum wage will destroy jobs and shutter businesses. The result will be an effective zero percent minimum wage. This will be the last nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy. Hillary, and Bernie Sanders, will continue this devastation. It is all about her "progressive" agenda rather than solving problems. Like Obama, she simply does not understand economics and refuses to change her policies when said policies hurt the people she is sworn to protect. The fundamental transformation of America will continue under Hillary, accelerated by the freedoms lost because of her Supreme Court Justice picks. If confirmed it will take decades to change, meanwhile the Constitution will be trampled on and the people will be oppressed. They are already trying to take legal action against those that do not believe in their climate change theory. They are also fining and jailing people because of their religious beliefs. And do not forget her many other scandals, including the FBI investigation. We all have good reason for frustration and justified anger at all the dishonest and corrupt politicians. Chief among them should be those directly responsible, Obama, Hillary and all those that voted for Obama administration policies in congress. Yes, Hillary Clinton who is not only running for office again, but is seeking the highest office of the land.

The anti-Trump are helping Trump get the nomination. Trump has not been hurt by anti-Trump negativity, he has been helped by it. The only way for the people to stop Trump from being nominated is and perhaps was to support another candidate.

It would be immoral to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton, whose policies are responsible for hurting millions. Also, we must not forget about the Supreme Court vacancy(ies). Trump is all over the place. What will he do? Because he has been on both sides on various issues you have to take him at his word that he is who he says he is on issues now. That is kind of hard to do. I for one, want someone who will help America not just blow up the process. I do not want someone in office who will tear everything down just because I am mad at Washington. I am not that selfish. Millions of people are hurting; I want them helped. We need people that will solve problems and heal the country after the last eight years, and certainly not someone that will just continue the hurt. That being said, unfortunately and sadly, the lessor of two evils in a general election between Hillary and Trump or Bernie and Trump would be Trump. Of course, this is within our two-party system. In our two-party system, a third-party vote usually means helping the candidate you would absolutely never vote for.

If someone just cannot stomach voting for either candidate, on the down ticket, just make sure to vote for the most conservative or libertarian candidates all the way down to the local level, especially Congressional candidates. This, in the next best effort to stop the progressive agenda. But realize that the corrupt establishment ruling class is okay with you not voting. It helps them. If you want to change things, you must exercise your voting privilege. It will take time, but we must change things from within. Vote for people who will follow the Constitution and please stop voting for well-known dishonest, corrupt politicians, especially incumbents! That is the number one reason things never change, but rather get worse. The difference is, we are fighting to change that, the left embraces it. That is what the Tea Party movement is all about. To elect people to clean out the corruption and dishonesty in the Republican party. To elect good people who will follow the Constitution. Having leftists in office like Hillary, Bernie or Obama is a giant step in the wrong direction.

Where has/is all the opposition to those that are currently running the country? They are the ones with the destructive policies. All this anti-Trump and anti-Cruz anger and energy should be used to stop Obama, Hillary and Bernie. Obama's destructive policies have done more to damage this country than any of the Republicans running for office would do. This country is under assault by the left.

I do understand why people do not support Trump but I also understand why others do. Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are tired and frustrated at Democrat and Republican politicians not making things better. They think an outsider, a businessman will do a better job. They think they have nothing to lose. Trump is not politically correct. He just says what is on his mind. This can be refreshing. When he "makes a mistake", it is okay because he is not a polished politician. They think this is refreshing as well. Republicans were given a majority in Congress to stop Obama from finishing his agenda. An agenda that is hurting the American people. Not only did they not stop him, in many cases, they seem to be going along with his agenda. The progressives are governing against the will of the people.

The candidates running for President on the Republican side would be superior to Hillary, Bernie or Obama.

The only way to save this country and help as many people as possible is to get back to the Constitution, limited government and a free market economy.

On Point Reality, The "Obama Disaster" Edition of the Boston Globe

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The Boston Globe "Obama Disaster" Edition

Boston Globe Makes Fake "Trump" Issue, Someone Made One for Obama

Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Republican Primaries, Early March: To Those Who Think Bernie is a Better Choice

Why have so many people lost their minds this election cycle? How could anyone vote for someone who will hurt so many people? That would be immoral. It does not matter how honest they are, when their agenda will hurt so many. History and economics clearly teach us this. How could a voter vote for the person that will hurt said voter? "Yes, we lost everything in the depression, including our freedom and many people to suicide, but at least we voted for someone who was honest!?!!" #feelthebern

Big government with the ensuing oppressive regulations ensure big business and big corporations exist at the expense of innovative small to medium sized businesses and thus competition. Bernie would just finish off the remaining businesses except for a few mega-corporations that are cronies of the ruling class. Bye-bye middle class, bye- bye opportunity for all.

Today's un-democratic democratic party will never let Bernie be the nominee. They are the party of wall-street and cronyism after all, they would never let that happen. Now if Bernie could be convinced to run third-party, that would be great!

Why do you feel this way about Trump? Where did the anger and dislike come from? Did you come about it on your own? Or were you manipulated into feeling this way? Have you been manipulated by the media narrative about Trump? The visceral "dislike" of a candidate just does not make sense to me. I have always supported other candidates over Trump and I do not agree with him on some things, but I refuse to invest in anger at someone without talking to them and talking to people who know them. Without listening to everything they say, not just the short clips and media discussions about those clips. I refuse to fall prey to the agenda of the media, academia and the political class, to be manipulated by the narrative they push every day. Basically, if everyone in the media is pushing a narrative in lockstep then I do not buy into it. I try not to become part of the ignorant group-think in our popular culture. This includes "political correctness". I am naturally suspicious of group-think because we are all different and there is something inherently wrong when everyone thinks the same way. It is actually bigoted to think that everyone of a certain race, gender or group should all think the same way. I do my best to go around the group-think and find out things for myself. My anger must be justified. We must not give in to fear or hatred. We must not meet violence with violence.

If all the anti-Trump rally around Bernie, Trump will likely be the nominee. If all the anti-Trump rally around, say Cruz, then Trump will not be the nominee. So if you really think Trump is that bad? Everyone else, continue supporting the candidates of your choice.

It is never a good idea to vote against a candidate, you will end up with the candidate you do not like. Not voting for your first choice candidate because they 'can't win' is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They will obviously lose even if they could or would have won.

Those against Trump, the anti-Trump, the #neverTrump will not stop Trump. You are not doing anything to stop Trump, and in fact you are helping him. For those that are serious about stopping Trump, there is only one way. You must pick the one last candidate that has a chance, Ted Cruz. Support, volunteer, do all you can to push him to the nomination. Vote in the primaries. Get off your butt and do something. Be positive, stop the negative anti-Trump stuff and your goal will be achieved. If you insist on the negativity, #neverHillary should be your rallying cry.