Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Productive vs. The Unproductive

Now is the perfect time to streamline government and cut spending. When times are good they will never do it, but now that times are tough, with huge budget shortfalls, we should take advantage of it.

We need to make government more efficient and less wasteful. Get rid of the waste and inefficiencies, streamline pensions and welfare, clean up fraud and corruption, and layoff the unproductive government worker. Layoff the two or three people it takes to do the job of one person. All this will allow deep spending cuts. Combine all this with real tax cuts, not just token tax credits, and it will put money back into the private sector causing people and business to spend and create jobs.

The out of work unproductive government workers can then find productive private sector jobs and create goods and provide services. This will bring in more income that will create even more jobs and allow even more spending. The economy will grow exponentially, the GDP will skyrocket, and everyone will be able to provide for themselves, their retirement, health care, etc.

The small number of those that have legitimate needs can finally be helped. We would not need government bailouts, handouts, welfare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions and definitely not government health care.

The fraud, waste, inefficiencies and unproductive government workers combined with the resulting higher taxes and spending, just drag down the economy. The economy will increasingly slow and unemployment will rise.

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