Saturday, November 19, 2016

The 2016 Election: It is Finally Over

Do not succumb to the fear mongering and hysteria from the media or the political class. Don't believe it and don't pass it on. Most of these people don't understand economics anyway. You control your destiny. We the people solve problems and build a better future. Not a President and certainly not government. Have we not learned that from the current Administration?

Americans possess a remarkable capacity for critical thinking and common sense. The people of this country are a great people. It's just a matter of understanding each other.

I do not think this election shows race relations are worse than we realized. I am the same, everyone I know is the same. I don't know anyone who has suddenly become a bigot. I don't know about you but we grew up with friends from all over the world. We were living in MLK's dream. But for years now, to win elections and keep power, the political classes and their community agitators, and yes, many educators, have managed to stir many up against each other. Resist! Understand and love one another! Don't become a radical full of hate! The younger generations grew up together, but now they are being torn asunder. Not cool!

Is it not arrogant to think that everyone that voted for Trump did so for the same reasons? Did so because they are all racist? Understanding is warranted. For sure there are many bad individuals out there, but the vast majority are not. Many that voted for Trump did so after listening to his words directly and deciding that what he said was not racist or xenophobic. After listening to the things people say Trump has said, and actually listening to what Trump has said, I see why people don't think he is racist. I hear people, the media repeat over and over certain things trump has said, and how it's so horrible. When I look it up to check it and listen to the whole thing, Trump did not say it. When people tell me, Trump is racist and give me a "quote" of something he said, I actually listen to what Trump said directly and make up my own mind. Do you? You should go to the source and check it out yourself or you will be misled by groupthink. This is leftist groupthink; the media, politicians and educators misleading us. Since the media does not tell the truth, it is up to us to do it and reassure the misled with truth.

Trump didn't win because he said bad things, he won despite saying these things. There were a lot of Trump voters who weren't fans of Trump. Hillary is also corrupt, dishonest and deceitful all while she was a public servant. She betrayed the trust of the people she was sworn to serve and protect.

Many voters saw two candidates with severely flawed characters and decided to vote on policy or economics. The economy isn't doing well for a lot of voters.

To others this was a repudiation of the ruling class. A people tired of being ignored. A people tired of the unfair, oppressive policies, legislation and regulations being levied against them and feeling unable to stop it. A people tired of their Constitutional and economic freedoms eroding away. Voters rejected corruption and unfair federal policies. Policies like Obamacare, that punishes working families with unaffordable premium costs and health care.

This was a backlash against the overreach of, you think like us or we will force you to think like us. A decade of identity politics. The left divides and puts everyone in an identity box and tells the white male group they are the only bad one. Of course, a backlash happened against the pc elite, against social oppression. This is bad. There may be depressed, impressionable young people that will be influenced by unsavory characters. Like the youth who are being influenced by Marxists, socialists and other radical extremists in our education system.

This election shows a cultural divide. A Revolt against cultural Marxism, against the intolerance of the “social justice warrior”. Kind of a backlash against the cultural elites that mock those with whom they disagree. Everyone is a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe to the leftist elite if you don't believe what they believe. People have had enough of it. It is so bad, they’ve managed to find a way to call themselves racist. Privilege, or the more commonly used “white privilege”, which is a way to make someone a racist who is not a racist. Oh, and to the SJWs, free speech is great because then you know who the bigots are.

Classes being canceled because Trump won, is another reason Trump won. “Safe spaces” on campus is another.

This was an America tired of being mocked, being called racist, being called bigots just because they may be ideologically different. Just because they may not think the exact same way. There is no hate! This was not a racist or sexist election. There is no internalized misogyny. A coalition of all races and sexes came together to defeat the agenda of the left, of the Obama administration. So be it. Now we will see if problems are solved, instead of agendas followed for legacy's sake even when said agenda hurts the people.

Let’s not forget the Democrats in the rust belt; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin, that voted for Trump because Hillary said she would take away their jobs.

Trump did better with minorities than Romney, this includes Asians and Muslims. He did better with women than Romney. He got 42% of the women vote and he actually got 29% of the Hispanic vote. "Of the nearly 700 counties that twice sent Obama to the White House, a stunning one-third flipped to support Trump" Washington Post. I read somewhere that 70% of Trump voters voted for Obama twice. Although, I have not been able to find it again to confirm.

Minorities have more in common with middle America than they do with liberal progressive America. Why are all racial or gender groups required to all think the same? Isn't it racist or bigoted to require everyone in a race or gender to think the same? We are all equal. We want everyone to have equal opportunity to be successful, to be anything they want to be, to be the 1% if they so choose. We will help you. Our free-market policies help everyone.

It is up to us to reassure the misled with truth, to calm the violence. I remember how the media and others were so worried that Trump supporters would riot if he lost. But they don't seem to mind now that Hillary supporters and other leftists are the ones rioting. People are protesting and rioting a free and fair election, in actuality, are they not protesting democracy? Whatever, protest away, but stop the violence and the hate. Letting off some steam because you are disappointed is one thing, but come on. Even some of the protesters are going too far with their vitriol and threats. In some cases, anti-American extremists are fomenting these riots. Some of these protesters and rioters didn't even vote and many are being paid to protest. Even so, it is time for the riots, the violence, and the destruction to end. It is time they stop assaulting those that are different than them. The hate must end. There are those concerned about a Trump presidency being volatile and damaging. So they riot and burn things. "A lot of hate from the side that worried about hate from Trump supporters" a Hillary supporter. It turns out that a lot of the reported cases where crimes were supposedly done in Trumps name have turned out to be hoaxes. If there are more I haven't seen anyone credible reporting them. Trump called for the violence to stop. Now Hillary and Obama should do so as well. Lead.

All the protests, tantrums, riots, violence, death threats, hate, hysteria, hypocrisy, idiocy, Trump voters being beaten up, calling all Trump voters racist and other things, and all the antics and nonsense probably make a lot of people glad of the outcome of this election. The ignorance, intolerance and bigotry is quite remarkable. This, is why Trump won.

Liberal progressives have turned many Americans into radical extremists full of anger and hate against those who don't believe or think the way they've been taught to think. Our school system has done this to a lot of our young people. If not hate than disdain. That is why there is so much violence on the left. We saw plenty of it during this campaign. We saw it with BLM, Occupy Wall street and other so-called rallies that turn into riots. Undercover video showed that the left paid people to start fights at Trump rallies. The problem is, many take this seriously, act out and hurt others. Don't take the bait. Let's come together to solve problems. At least realize we are all different and be kind one to another. Do not let anyone turn you into a violent radical extremist. It doesn't look good on you, regardless if you are on the left or the right.

Dissent is patriotic again! We are all hypocrites!

I am cautiously optimistic.

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