Financial Crisis

Must See Videos

Should Government Bail Out Big Banks?

Shocking YouTube Video showing Housing Scandal Cover-up That Led to our Economic Crisis

Barney Frank in 2005: What Housing Bubble?

Bush, McCain warned of Fannie & Freddie problems, tried to fix, Barney Frank helped block & cover up

If you want to understand the financial crisis, you must see this FNC Special Investigation: Saving Our Economy - What's Next? (Hulu)

Must Read Articles

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The Financial Crisis: Is Anyone Telling Us the Truth? (Previous Post)

Is Dodd-Frank Killing the Housing Recovery?

Ticking Time Bomb An excellent article on the housing scandal from a British journalist's perspective.

Who Do You Really Believe?

Smoking-Gun Document Ties Govt Policy To Housing Crisis

New Study Finds CRA 'Clearly' Did Lead To Risky Lending

How The Post-Crisis War On Banks Threatens Another Crisis - IBD Series

Making Homes Affordable Makes Others Poor

Clinton Added Teeth To CRA, Obama Turned Them Into Fangs

Obama Mortgage Rules Ignore Risks That Created Crisis

The Democrats' Fannie Is Showing 2004, 76 Democrats actually asked President Bush not to manage Fannie Mae responsibly.

Remembering the Reagan Bull Market

The Politics of the Housing Boom - Sowell: IBD 5-Part Series

The WSJ Guide to the FHA (Great Resource!)

Government Deficits & Private Growth

Banker Baiting 101

Obama vs. the Banks

Not All Banks Are Created Alike

A Transaction Tax Would Hurt All Investors

Producer Price Jolt

Near-Zero Rates Are Hurting the Economy

The Bernanke Record

Do We Really Need a Systemic Regulator?

Saving More Homes for the Same Money

Sarbox Routed in House

Sarbox for Small Business

The Supreme Case Against Sarbanes-Oxley

Sarbanes-Oxley on Trial

Saying No to Spitzer, 4 Years Later

Systemic Risk & Fannie Mae

No Bondholder Left Behind

Homebuyer Tax Credits Threaten the FHA

Lack of Candor & the AIG Bailout

Much Ado About Dubai

AIG & Systemic Risk

Acorn & the Housing Bubble

Bailout Nation

The Permanent TARP

The Fannie Mae Dice Roll Continues

The FHA's Bailout Warning

Nightmare On Wall St. (Must Read!)

The Ugly AIG Post-Mortem

Americans Deserve a Transparent Fed

The Fed's Woody Allen Policy

TARP's Moment of Truth

A Merry TARP Christmas

Finding the Right Fix for 'Too Big to Fail'

Dubai's Debt Reckoning

The Real Threat to Fed Independence

Three Decades of Subsidized Risk

Gordon Brown's Global Tax Trap

Don't Let Banks Hide Bad Assets

Bear Market Victory

The Fed Is Already Transparent

CIT's Bankruptcy Lesson

Preventing the Next Financial Crisis (Excellent!)

Dodd's Card Trick

Washington's Suicide Mission

Galleon & the Trouble With Insider Trading

Is the Stock Exchange Obsolete?

First-Time Fraudsters

The Big Mac's Currency Lesson

Efficient Market Theory & the Crisis

Rolling up the TARP

Washington's Plans May Result in Even Higher Executive Pay

Debtors to the Front

Our New Paymasters (Excellent!)

Mervyn King's Wisdom (Excellent!)

Barney Frank, Predatory Lender

When Bad Luck Is a Crime

Capitalism by Proxy Fight

In the World of Banks, Bigger Can Be Better

The Countrywide Vote

MBS, R.I.P.?

Silicon Valley Lives

Fannie's Next Big Adventure

The Credit Crunch Continues

The Banking System Is Still Broken

Subprime Uncle Sam

Too Big to Ignore

The Fall Guy

The Bank Everyone Loves to Hate

How the Fed Can Avoid the Next Bubble

Protecting the Credit Raters

Act From Which An Acorn Grew, And An Economy Died, Lives On

Fifty Eliot Spitzers

Extraordinary Popular Delusions...

Bank Pay & the Financial Crisis

Bank Pay Controls Aren't the Answer

Obama’s Wall Street Regulations as Behavioral Control

Lehman & the Financial Crisis

Banking Scapegoat of America

Who's Too Big to Fail?

The Fed Can't Monitor 'Systemic Risk'

Dear Chairman Bernanke

The Coming Deposit Insurance Bailout

Curb Your Envy

Bernanke's Second Chance

Fannie Mae Enron, the Sequel

The Next Fannie Mae

AAA Cartel Protection

The Blob That Ate Monetary Policy

Inventing a Future for AIG

Brokers Aren't Responsible for Bad Bets

In Defense of 'Flash' Trading

No Such Thing as Riskless Venture Capital

Washington vs. Silicon Valley

Don't Set Speed Limits on Trading

No Exit

Spitzer's Incredible Shrinking Case

Bernanke's Exit Dilemma

Bernanke in the Cross-Hairs

Signs of Life in the Housing Market

Frank's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco

Barney the Underwriter

How Stupid Does Barney Frank Think Americans Are?

Can the Fed Identify Bubbles Before They Happen?

The Fed Can Lead on Financial Supervision

Let's Grade Wall Street Like Colleges

The $100 Million Banker

The SEC vs. CEO Pay

Treating Financial Consumers as Consenting Adults

Private Capital to the Rescue

Signs of Capitalist Life

Bernanke's Assurances

The Bernanke Market

A Tale of Two Bailouts

Who Owns the Banks, Round Two?

The Blame Game

New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis

Systemic Risk & the Fed

Too Bernanke to Fail?

No More Bailouts

Wall St. Pushes Back

A Triple-A Punt

Too Big to Fail, or Succeed

The Secret 'Friends of Angelo'

Why Toxic Assets Are So Hard to Clean Up

Let's Treat Borrowers Like Adults

ACORN Rent-A-Mob Thugs to Harass Lenders in 14 Cities Tuesday

ACORN's Food Stamp Mortgages

Bernanke at the Creation

Hope vs. Financial Experience

A fine madness in the D.C. Air

Foregone Foreclosures

The Next Housing Bust

The New Wage Controls

Let Private Equity Help the Banks

Moral Hazard & the Meltdown

Moral Hazard & the Crisis

Making Failure an Option

Congress & the IMF's Power Grab

The Bond Vigilantes

Geithner's Radioactive Record at the Fed

Let's Keep Many Eyes on the Banks

Sarbox & the Constitution

Don't Monetize the Debt

Merkel for the Fed

Was It a Sucker's Rally?

The Friedman Flap

Stressed for Success?

Derivatives & the Wisdom of Crowds

A Backdoor Nationalization

Obama Wants to Control the Banks

Banks Need Fewer Carrots & More Sticks

How Big Banks Want to Game the Mortgage Mess

Regulation Didn't Save Canada's Banks

Barney Frank's Double Indemnity

Busting Bank of America

We Can't Subsidize the Banks Forever

'The Largest Failure'

Europe Is No Model for Our Banks

In Finance, Too, Learning Entail Risk

'Say on Pay' & Other Bad Ideas

Treasury's Very Private Asset Fund

Why Congress Will Kill the Bank Rescue

Obama's AIG Panic

The Real AIG Outrage

Congress Is the Real Systemic Risk

Let The Inquisition Start With Frank

AIG Can Be Salvaged By a Breakup

Some Banks, Feeling Chained, Want to Return Bailout Money

Bank of America says taking bailout a 'mistake'

Needed: A Bailout That Doesn't Look Like One

Buffett's Unmentionable Bank Solution

Obama Repeats Bush's Worst Market Mistakes

Nationalize This

Your Citibank

Home A Loan

Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending

Altruism: The Moral Root of the Financial Crisis

Barney's Rubble

Barney Frank Busted-2005 Speech: What Housing Bubble?

The Real Culprits In This Meltdown

Another 'Deregulation' Myth

How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis

Wake Up, America

Ms. Information

Most Pundits Are Wrong About the Bubble

Blame Fannie Mae and Congress for the Credit Mess

Bankruptcy Mortgage Cramdowns Would Hurt Housing Market

Should Congress Be "Perp-Walked?

Why Capital Structure Matters

Fraidy-Cat Banker, & Proud of It

Rethinking the Fan and Fred Takeover

Bank Nationalization Isn't the Answer

How the GOP Should Approach TARP 2.0

Treasury's Unreality Show

Committee on Doubt and Uncertainty

From Bubble to Depression?

Don't Let Judges Tear Up Mortgage Contracts

The Problem With 'Nationalization'

Bank Robbery

The Unmentionable Bank Solution

Bank of the United States

Obama's Dangerous Bank Bailout

Why Markets Dissed the Geithner Plan

Don't Push Banks to Make Bad Loans

The SEC's Annuity Grab

How to Value Toxic Bank Assets

Why Be a Nation of Mortgage Slaves?

Dodd of Indignation

Fan and Fred's Lunch Tab

Bad News Is Better Than No News

A 'Bad' Bank Can Solve Our Problems

President Bush Tried to Rein In Fan and Fred

We're All Keynesians Again

Banks Don't Need to Be Forced to Lend

Mad Men

Let's Write the Rating Agencies Out of Our Law

Credit Default Swamp

To Catch a Thief

Bernanke Goes All In

Low-Interest Mortgages Are the Answer

Whitewashing Fannie Mae

Madoff and Markets

Getting Out of the Credit Mess

Restore the Uptick Rule, Restore Confidence

Foreclosure Follies

Sheila Bair's Mortgage Miracle

America Needs Its Frontier Spirit

The Bailout So Far

Not Everything Can Be Too Big to Fail

Recession in the Euro Zone

How to Help People Whose Home Values Are Underwater

The Meltdown That Wasn't

The Bailout of the Bailout of...

Setting the Record Straight: Six Years of Unheeded Warnings for GSE Reform

A Replay of 1929? Don't Count On It

Don't Just Do Something. Stand There.

The Father of Portfolio Theory on the Crisis

Barack Wrote a Letter...

Whose Bailout Is It?

Fannie Mae's Patron Saint

McCain and the Markets

Mudd-Flap Manor

Countrywide's Many 'Friends'

Financial Meltdown: Where Does the Buck Stop?

Is Phil Gramm to Blame?

Bush Called to Reform Fannie and Freddie Seventeen Times... in 2008 Alone!

Obama's Dangerous Pals

Bankruptcy Not Bailout, is the Right Answer

Lawmaker Accused of Fannie Mae Conflict of Interest

Planting Seeds of Disaster

Dodd and Countrywide

We Don't Need Anyone to Run the World

There's Good Economic News, Too

Don't Sell America's Ecomony Short

...And The Wrong