Monday, November 3, 2008

Balancing Emotions and Politics

Emotions and feelings not issues are reasons many give to vote for Obama. These are not the important reasons to choose a leader. If we base our choice on these alone we are destined to choose someone who will lead us into poverty.

We should not vote on emotions alone i.e. looks good, feels good, cool, a good speaker. Vote on historical truth.

Are emotions blinding us if we are not willing to find out why our economy is the way it is today? We are at risk of being misled into going along with what we have been told instead of finding out for ourselves.

It is a sad day in American politics when emotions like hate determine the choice for many voters, when a candidate uses hatred, fear, class envy and other divisive tactics to stir up and agitate others to vote for them.

If we really want to help others, if we really want to help the middle-class and below, if we really believe everyone should have a fair chance, if we’re really honest with ourselves, than we will at least study history. If we study and understand history and we want all these things is Obama the right choice? If we still wish to ignore history than how can we say we want these things for our fellow citizens? We owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to use our minds and find out the truth so we can make an informed vote, not an uninformed vote based on anecdotal, feel-good, one-liners, on theories that have been proven false over and over again. We are Americans, we are blessed and we can all make a difference.

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