Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Republican Primaries, Late March: To Those Who Think Hillary is a Better Choice

Trump does not hold public office. He has not broken the public's trust like the dishonest and corrupt Hillary Clinton, Obama and many politicians. He has not hurt millions and even billions of people. Hillary’s and Obama's foreign policy has helped destabilize the middle-east even more than it was. The "Arab spring" turned into an Islamic terrorist spring. They destabilized Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq creating a void that was and is being filled by ISIS. Thankfully in Egypt, el-Sisi wrested control from the Muslim Brotherhood, saving that country. By the way, the Obama administration supported the Brotherhood. The refugee crisis is hurting millions of people, not to mention the terrorist attacks in Europe. In Benghazi, Libya an ambassador and three other people were killed. Not only did Hillary and the Obama administration lie directly to the American people but Hillary lied directly to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks. Do you know what the Obama administration was doing in Benghazi? They were sending weapons through Turkey to the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. Many of those weapons ended up arming ISIS!

Look at the millions of people being hurt by Obama's economic policies, oppressive regulations, enslaving national debt, the heavy cloud of uncertainty imposed by Obamanomics, and Obamacare, not to mention the lies told to America to get Obamacare passed. It is so bad our government is actively hurting the American people. Every group that supports the Democrat party is falling behind except Wall Street and Hollywood. After eight years of Obama, is the economy resilient enough to withstand the next crisis, which could happen at any moment? The economy is stagnant. There is sky-high unemployment among minorities especially African-Americans. Median income is down. Income inequality is up. The "middle-class" is being destroyed. A record number of people are out of work. Low wage and part-time jobs are available but not as many high paying career jobs. A record number of people receive government assistance. There are more small businesses going out of business than being started. This is unheard of during a recovery or good economic times. And then there is the government mandated minimum wage. The liberal progressive left is waging war against the people of this country. Their latest salvo is raising the minimum wage. Raising the government mandated minimum wage will destroy jobs and shutter businesses. The result will be an effective zero percent minimum wage. This will be the last nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy. Hillary, and Bernie Sanders, will continue this devastation. It is all about her "progressive" agenda rather than solving problems. Like Obama, she simply does not understand economics and refuses to change her policies when said policies hurt the people she is sworn to protect. The fundamental transformation of America will continue under Hillary, accelerated by the freedoms lost because of her Supreme Court Justice picks. If confirmed it will take decades to change, meanwhile the Constitution will be trampled on and the people will be oppressed. They are already trying to take legal action against those that do not believe in their climate change theory. They are also fining and jailing people because of their religious beliefs. And do not forget her many other scandals, including the FBI investigation. We all have good reason for frustration and justified anger at all the dishonest and corrupt politicians. Chief among them should be those directly responsible, Obama, Hillary and all those that voted for Obama administration policies in congress. Yes, Hillary Clinton who is not only running for office again, but is seeking the highest office of the land.

The anti-Trump are helping Trump get the nomination. Trump has not been hurt by anti-Trump negativity, he has been helped by it. The only way for the people to stop Trump from being nominated is and perhaps was to support another candidate.

It would be immoral to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton, whose policies are responsible for hurting millions. Also, we must not forget about the Supreme Court vacancy(ies). Trump is all over the place. What will he do? Because he has been on both sides on various issues you have to take him at his word that he is who he says he is on issues now. That is kind of hard to do. I for one, want someone who will help America not just blow up the process. I do not want someone in office who will tear everything down just because I am mad at Washington. I am not that selfish. Millions of people are hurting; I want them helped. We need people that will solve problems and heal the country after the last eight years, and certainly not someone that will just continue the hurt. That being said, unfortunately and sadly, the lessor of two evils in a general election between Hillary and Trump or Bernie and Trump would be Trump. Of course, this is within our two-party system. In our two-party system, a third-party vote usually means helping the candidate you would absolutely never vote for.

If someone just cannot stomach voting for either candidate, on the down ticket, just make sure to vote for the most conservative or libertarian candidates all the way down to the local level, especially Congressional candidates. This, in the next best effort to stop the progressive agenda. But realize that the corrupt establishment ruling class is okay with you not voting. It helps them. If you want to change things, you must exercise your voting privilege. It will take time, but we must change things from within. Vote for people who will follow the Constitution and please stop voting for well-known dishonest, corrupt politicians, especially incumbents! That is the number one reason things never change, but rather get worse. The difference is, we are fighting to change that, the left embraces it. That is what the Tea Party movement is all about. To elect people to clean out the corruption and dishonesty in the Republican party. To elect good people who will follow the Constitution. Having leftists in office like Hillary, Bernie or Obama is a giant step in the wrong direction.

Where has/is all the opposition to those that are currently running the country? They are the ones with the destructive policies. All this anti-Trump and anti-Cruz anger and energy should be used to stop Obama, Hillary and Bernie. Obama's destructive policies have done more to damage this country than any of the Republicans running for office would do. This country is under assault by the left.

I do understand why people do not support Trump but I also understand why others do. Americans, Democrats and Republicans, are tired and frustrated at Democrat and Republican politicians not making things better. They think an outsider, a businessman will do a better job. They think they have nothing to lose. Trump is not politically correct. He just says what is on his mind. This can be refreshing. When he "makes a mistake", it is okay because he is not a polished politician. They think this is refreshing as well. Republicans were given a majority in Congress to stop Obama from finishing his agenda. An agenda that is hurting the American people. Not only did they not stop him, in many cases, they seem to be going along with his agenda. The progressives are governing against the will of the people.

The candidates running for President on the Republican side would be superior to Hillary, Bernie or Obama.

The only way to save this country and help as many people as possible is to get back to the Constitution, limited government and a free market economy.

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