Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Compassionate Refugee Process

If one insists on distilling this down to a simple biblical concept, I think following the example of the Good Samaritan would be the one. Go to them. Heal, feed, clothe and aid them. Incidentally, that is the international standard for refugee crisis caused by unrest and war. Refugees go from areas of unrest to neighboring countries and areas. The International community sends food and aid to the refugees. It is not necessarily the moral thing to do to ship refugees all over the world. More can be helped at the local level. After the unrest is over they are resettled back into their home countries. Those seeking asylum should be and are accepted on a case by case basis. The international community should come together to send food and aid to the Syrian refugees and to shore up the UNHCR shortfall.

A nation should always put its citizens first. A nation should always protect its citizens. A nation should never sacrifice or put its citizens at risk, and certainly never to make themselves feel good or show how good they are. If you destabilize your country and economy you're not helping anybody. You are hurting both refugee and citizen. Everyone is being hurt. What is happening in Europe is immoral and inhumane. They are committing suicide with their open borders policy combined with multiculturalism or lack of assimilation.

Most of those who have legitimate concerns about the Syrian refugee process are not bigoted or 'Islamophobic'. In 2011, the Obama administration paused the process for bringing refugees from Iraq for six months after some terrorists used the process to enter the U.S. Was there an outcry? The government was just doing the prudent thing. Most of the people that want to help as many refugees as can be helped are not trying to hurt this country. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your citizens safe and there is nothing wrong with wanting to do all you can to help others. A government accepting or refusing refugees has no bearing on whether an individual is helping others.

There are legitimate reasons to distrust our current dishonest, deceitful, corrupt and inept administration. After all, they are partially responsible for the Syrian crisis, ISIS, and the resulting refugee crisis. There are legitimate reasons to distrust the vetting process, especially when intelligence agencies and the current FBI director question it. Can the dishonest, deceitful, corrupt and incompetent Obama administration be trusted to vet refugees when they have released thousands of criminal illegal immigrants into the US?

I do not think government humanitarian aid replaces personally helping others, accepting others and doing what reflects "our values". Sitting around waiting for your corrupt and inept government to help certainly does not. If you really wish to help others, don't sit around and wait for your corrupt and inept government to help, put your money and actions where your heart is. Do it yourself. Samaritan’s Purse and The Nazarene Fund are just two of the available options.

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If you wish to stay here, be accepted and respected, you should accept our gift of freedom, not destroy it. Don't break our laws and make demands that undermine our laws and destroy our constitution, the very thing that would guarantee your freedom if you would but accept it. Why should we let you stay here, let alone become a citizen, if you demand an end to what makes us all free? To become a citizen, you must accept what makes us free and thus accept what will make you free; our constitution, our democratic republic and our free market system. These things combined with learning our language will bring the most prosperity to you, your families and ours. Why not also take our economic freedom, our democratic republic form of government, our constitution and our freedom and fight for them in your respective countries? When we get a new administration and clean up the corruption in our government we will be glad to help our friends to the south fight for their freedom.

The magnets for illegal immigration must end. Sanctuary cities, Obama's executive amnesty, breaking our immigration laws, free tuition, open borders, everything that is causing the illegal flood of people must end. It is hurting too many people. They are being murdered, raped, sold into sex slavery, extorted, and used as drug mules all because of this illegal activity.

We can choose to bring in more people legally. We can choose to have a robust guest worker program. But we must put citizens first in order to help those who wish to come here legally become prosperous and contributing members of our society.

Written in response to this article.

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