Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 Republican Primaries, Early March: To Those Who Think Bernie is a Better Choice

Why have so many people lost their minds this election cycle? How could anyone vote for someone who will hurt so many people? That would be immoral. It does not matter how honest they are, when their agenda will hurt so many. History and economics clearly teach us this. How could a voter vote for the person that will hurt said voter? "Yes, we lost everything in the depression, including our freedom and many people to suicide, but at least we voted for someone who was honest!?!!" #feelthebern

Big government with the ensuing oppressive regulations ensure big business and big corporations exist at the expense of innovative small to medium sized businesses and thus competition. Bernie would just finish off the remaining businesses except for a few mega-corporations that are cronies of the ruling class. Bye-bye middle class, bye- bye opportunity for all.

Today's un-democratic democratic party will never let Bernie be the nominee. They are the party of wall-street and cronyism after all, they would never let that happen. Now if Bernie could be convinced to run third-party, that would be great!

Why do you feel this way about Trump? Where did the anger and dislike come from? Did you come about it on your own? Or were you manipulated into feeling this way? Have you been manipulated by the media narrative about Trump? The visceral "dislike" of a candidate just does not make sense to me. I have always supported other candidates over Trump and I do not agree with him on some things, but I refuse to invest in anger at someone without talking to them and talking to people who know them. Without listening to everything they say, not just the short clips and media discussions about those clips. I refuse to fall prey to the agenda of the media, academia and the political class, to be manipulated by the narrative they push every day. Basically, if everyone in the media is pushing a narrative in lockstep then I do not buy into it. I try not to become part of the ignorant group-think in our popular culture. This includes "political correctness". I am naturally suspicious of group-think because we are all different and there is something inherently wrong when everyone thinks the same way. It is actually bigoted to think that everyone of a certain race, gender or group should all think the same way. I do my best to go around the group-think and find out things for myself. My anger must be justified. We must not give in to fear or hatred. We must not meet violence with violence.

If all the anti-Trump rally around Bernie, Trump will likely be the nominee. If all the anti-Trump rally around, say Cruz, then Trump will not be the nominee. So if you really think Trump is that bad? Everyone else, continue supporting the candidates of your choice.

It is never a good idea to vote against a candidate, you will end up with the candidate you do not like. Not voting for your first choice candidate because they 'can't win' is a self-fulfilling prophecy. They will obviously lose even if they could or would have won.

Those against Trump, the anti-Trump, the #neverTrump will not stop Trump. You are not doing anything to stop Trump, and in fact you are helping him. For those that are serious about stopping Trump, there is only one way. You must pick the one last candidate that has a chance, Ted Cruz. Support, volunteer, do all you can to push him to the nomination. Vote in the primaries. Get off your butt and do something. Be positive, stop the negative anti-Trump stuff and your goal will be achieved. If you insist on the negativity, #neverHillary should be your rallying cry.

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