Sunday, March 18, 2018

2nd Amendment Musings

It is because we care that we want to do something that will actually solve the problem rather than doing something that furthers the unconstitutional and political agenda of ignorant politicians and solves nothing. We should do something other than listen to the same deceitful politicians that told us Obamacare would make health insurance premiums affordable. The same ignorant politicians that voted against the recent tax reforms and voted to hurt the American people. If they actually cared, they would stop pushing unconstitutional gun control and enact evidence-based solutions that would solve the problem. There are things we can do help stop the shootings, so stop trying to do the unconstitutional thing!

Gun violence murder rates are down by half, at the same time the number of guns in the nation are at an all-time high. There are more lives saved with guns than are taken by them. They estimate between 100,000 and 1 million lives are saves by guns each year. We already tried an "assault" rifle ban. The DOJ determined it was ineffective. It did nothing to lower death rates. So why would we “do something” that will not do anything? “Do something” that will not keep our children safe?

We are teaching our children to go against human nature and science. We are not teaching our boys to be men, to be masculine any more. They don't have good role models. A real man would not shoot unarmed children because it is wrong, and it is a cowardly act. Shooting unarmed children is the opposite of being masculine, it is cowardly and evil.

Yes, we listen to you, but as adults and because we love you, we have to actually solve this problem. So that means doing things that solve this problem. Gun-control laws will not solve this problem. An 'assault' weapons ban will not solve this problem. It would also be an evil thing to do something that would take away the right and ability of citizens to protect themselves and their children.
We hate seeing you used by the media, politicians, and leftists pushing their political agendas.

These mass shootings show us that government is not able to protect us, so we must be able to protect ourselves. So why do some politicians want to take away our right and ability to protect ourselves and our children? It turns out, one of the least safe places to be is a gun free zone.

On the one hand the left says, “Trump is an authoritarian, a fascist", then they want government to disarm us. Does that make sense?

We protect almost everything and everyone else with armed guards and guns; buildings, airports, politicians. Why do we not protect our schools? Do we not care enough about our children to protect them? Are public buildings and politicians more important than our children?

Why should a 20-year old single mom be denied her right and ability to protect herself, her children and her home? Again, I say it would be an evil thing to take away our right and ability to protect ourselves and our children.

Among the understandable emotion and anger there was also hatred and bigotry on display at the CNN gun-control rally. What is wrong with the left, with the gun-control crowd? We don't shut people up just because we don't agree with them. That is fascism. This is America, we don't act like that. We are not fascists. Sadly, leftist extremists have turned away from what America should be and turned into deranged, hate-filled, unhinged, uncivil, and bigoted fascists. But that is what today's democrat party has turned into; the progressive, socialist, marxist, fascist party. We all know the history of these ideologies. They take away your guns and disarm the people, then force everyone to speak and think the same way. The last step is usually mass murder.

Today's leftists are already trying to make everyone speak and think the same way, through political correctness and demonizing anyone that thinks differently than they do. They are now using tragedy to disarm the people.

If you are forced to say things you do not believe, you are ruled by tyrants.

The left's first reaction is to punish law abiding citizens at the same time they advocate for leniency on criminals. They already banned guns in schools, the result is more gun shootings. Now our children are unprotected. Gun-free zones are the least safe place to be. Guns stop these kinds of shootings. Let's not forget the NRA member who used an AR-15 to stop the church shooting in Texas.

We want evidence-based solutions that solve this problem, not emotional reactions that are ineffective and further the political agenda of ignorant politicians.

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