Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Obama Administration and the Left Demonstrate Why Obamacare Must Be Repealed

The statists of the left and the Obama administration are demonstrating why Obamacare is unconstitutional and must be repealed. This must be done to protect the American people from their and other’s power hungry tyranny.

It is absurd that someone would even have the thought process that others (taxpayers) need to pay for their birth control. It is absurd that anyone would ask American taxpayers to pay to provide for their sexual activities. It is absurd that someone would go bankrupt because they are having so much sex. Please! If that is true, then they need financial management classes and they need to learn personal responsibility. Most people have the ability and common sense to change their personal behavior in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Representative Pelosi and others that exhibit laughably ridiculous behavior do not deserve to serve the people. Keep it up. Keep showing us who you really are. You will not be in office much longer. You will be laughed right out of office. You are denigrating and using women for political gain.

Why does the 'left' keep injecting us into their bedrooms? We do not want to be there! Stop screwing the taxpayer! Take responsibility for your own lives! Taxpayers should not have anything to do with others’ private lives. They are asking us to take away their freedom! They are asking government to control their lives! This is sad and pathetic.

This is a made up 'crisis' to divert attention from President Obama's economy and to subvert the Constitution. No one seeks to or is denying anyone access to birth control. There are programs available to provide birth control without a federal mandate. The only entity seeking to give the federal government and the President the power to dictate or ban anything is the left. Obamacare gives the federal government and the President this power. The federal government and any future president will have the power to dictate or ban contraceptives or anything else, for that matter, once they have successfully usurped the Constitution. Do we want the federal government or a president in our homes and bodies? I say, definitely not!

The only threat to your freedom or your birth control pills or whatever else is the Obama administration and the "left"!

America, do not buy into their insanity! It is absurd! It is based on false premises and lies! People have a choice. We are not entitled. We must be responsible for our own actions and choices, not taxpayers. We should be proud to pay our own way and not take handouts from taxpayers. Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for the sexual activities of law students at Georgetown University or anyone else. There are cheap and even free contraceptives available. If a person is not able to find these options and resources, they have no business becoming a lawyer!

If you really cannot afford contraceptives, then your best solution is to vote President Obama out of office in 2012. It’s Obamanomics, stupid! I would suspect most people have food and gas as a higher priority since most people have access to free contraceptives.

The solution to this faux "crisis" is to get the economy going. There are some steps the American people must take for this to happen. Fire the Obama administration in 2012, repeal Obamacare, cut government spending 'across the board', cut oppressive federal, state and local regulations and lower/simplify taxes. The economy will soon recover, jobs will come back, unemployment will drop, wages will increase, and people will find employment or make their own opportunities. You will then be able to afford contraceptives. More importantly you will be able to afford food, gas and a place to live. You will be able to control your own life.

There is also the First Amendment and the moral issue of the state forcing, against its or their will, a church or private citizens to pay and provide for something that is against its or their church doctrine or conscience.

There is also the moral issue of the state forcing taxpayers to pay or provide for something that increases the risk of breast cancer. These things should be left to the individual to choose what is right for them.

Your insurance should provide for 'birth control' prescribed for a medical condition by a doctor. Tax payers should not pay or be involved in health insurance. This should only be between the patient and doctor.

If this issue really burdens you then start and/or fund some charities or businesses to supply free contraceptives to all. Do this in the private sector where your idea can also create opportunities, jobs or wealth for others.

Why does almost every "solution" from the Obama administration and the left make "the problem" and everything worse? Why must the statists’ solutions to every "problem" or "crisis", made up or real, trample the Constitution and take away our freedom? In the end, the statist's "solutions" end up hurting everyone. Rescue America 2012!

The excellent sources below go into greater detail, some from those that have and do attend Georgetown University.
This blog is full of resources that show how this has worked throughout history and resources that explain these economic principles.

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  2. If you must get health insurance, avoid the Obamacare exchanges. Get your health insurance out of exchange. For those that can't afford the high cost of health insurance or health care and are not eligible for a subsidy, your best option is to vote for someone that will repeal Obamacare. It is also OK for you to choose to just pay the fine. To make health insurance affordable and to save our health care system we should all vote for someone who will repeal Obamacare.