Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Social Decline of Our Society

In our quest to do anything we want, to live how we want, to put self first, we ignore facts and the consequences of our actions. This behavior is everywhere, from politics, education, to our economy. So many aspects of our society bring everything down to the lowest common denominator. Most of the problems in society are part of complex systems so solutions have to be well thought out. There are so many things that affect each other. It’s just too easy and common for a solution to have unintended consequences. Linear thinking is all too common in every single aspect of society, which would explain why so many “solutions” today have the opposite effect and actually make things worse. Instead of learning from these mistakes we blame everything and everyone else but the “solution”. The same “solutions” are tried over and over and because people are being misled by the proponents of the “solution”, things continually get worse. Another aggravating factor is that the bigger the organization the more corrupt it is. The problem is compounded if the organization is centrally planned.

Many of our public school systems are too big and corrupt. The billions and billions of dollars from the federal government and elsewhere being poured into them year after year seems to have no effect in improving them. Supervisors at the top make millions and waste the money and it never gets to the children who need it. Teachers unions are full of corruption and look out for themselves even if it harms students. Teachers are grossly underpaid. No one is looking out for kids. Teachers don’t get the support they need from parents. Many parents look out for themselves instead of their children. How can we solve this problem if parents don’t even care? This is just another vicious cycle. The more bad parents we have in society the more children grow up to be selfish, corrupt people that make up these corrupt organizations. Music, TV and other media compound the problems parents face when raising their children. Children see and are told every day, sex, drugs, it’s all ok, I can do anything I want without having to face the consequences of my actions, and on and on. We as a society and as individuals owe it to our youth to let them know all the facts and consequences so they can make informed decisions. This has to be balanced by a parent’s right to raise their children and decide when their child is ready for any exposure. Under the guise of free speech and the belief that children should have access to everything in society, the very people that set the standards for our public school system are allowing children access to media and information, including pornography, that has a negative impact on children and can cause abnormal behavior. Some districts bring in people that give talks to our children telling them to go ahead and experiment with drugs, sex and unprotected sex. Parents’ rights to raise their children should be safeguarded. It is so bad in the corrupt democrat run city of Chicago that school children are demonstrating and striking in an effort to be noticed and given the tools they need to be all they can be. It seems the public school system and society have forgotten about many of our children. If no one is willing to do anything but throw money at the problem, how can we ever expect to clean up a system as corrupt as this? When you think about it this way, the No Child Left Behind initiative makes sense. How do you fix a system that is corrupt from the top down and no one is willing to fix it. Many people, including many in congress, are even standing in the way. The only thing left to do is take money away from the greedy miscreants, based on performance. Then they have to do something to fix the problem or they lose their cash cow. If they don’t improve, it exposes the problem for all to see. The parents and those willing to do the right thing can bring the corrupt people to light, the media gets hold of the story, there is a public outcry and someone is forced to step in and remove the corrupt people. There is a better solution, but until everyone is willing to change, this may be the next best thing.

The media brings everything to our children at such young ages. The music, movies and video games of today are also a bad influence on children. There is also a growing lack of role models for them to look up to.

The welfare system encouraged families and single women to have more children just to be eligible for more money. There was no incentive to find work. Some of these children did not have parents that cared for them, creating a vicious cycle of despair. This contributed to the inner city poverty we have today thus creating generations of people without hope. Now civil rights leaders, preachers, teachers, community organizers and many in the democrat party are teaching and radicalizing many that they don’t have the same chances to make it as other Americans have, that they are being held back by other Americans. Those teaching this are destroying their own communities and the lives of millions of people. Why do so many from other countries come here with nothing at all, some whom are forced to flee their own countries, succeed? They have not been taught and they know that there are no limits to their success.

Has anyone noticed that the industries with the most problems are the ones with the largest, most powerful labor unions, the auto and airline industries and the public school system?

Labor unions may have a purpose, but many are too big and corrupt. Some have people at the top that make millions while their workers get stuck paying dues that are too high for what they get. The whole system seems to be setup to bring down the quality of work, to encourage bad working habits. The union mentality of making workers and companies’ enemies, instead of working together is bad for the economy. A company and its employees should work together for the good of each other. One cannot exist without the other. They are a team. When employees are doing the best they can do and the company is doing all it can for its employees, they both benefit and profit from it. It is a cycle that should not be disrupted. The practice of giving promotions based on seniority and making it costly and difficult to fire people is another factor in bringing the performance of all the workers down to a lower level. Promotions should be based on job performance first and seniority second. Hard work and constant improvement should be encouraged. Many times a hard worker comes in and is passed over time and again by people who have seniority but are slackers or should be fired. After awhile they will become discouraged and realize there is no point in working hard so they will be like everyone else. This also affects morale, which in turn affects job performance. They may become angry and disruptive as well. There are documented cases of hard workers being asked not to work as hard because they are making everyone look bad. How can we compete in the global economy if we encourage and promote bad working habits?

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