Monday, August 17, 2009

Freedom & Taxes

The more profitable a business, the more taxes it pays. When people get paid more and find jobs; they pay more taxes or start paying taxes. Government will then get more tax revenue. When businesses close and when people lose their jobs, their tax contribution stops. When people get paid less, they pay less in taxes. The government’s tax revenue will be lower.

A profitable business is self-sustaining and creates jobs and prosperity for many people and doesn’t need the government to wastefully spend tax dollars on it and on welfare.

The same goes for industries like the auto and health industries. There is no need for government to waste trillions of taxpayer money on health care. It can be done through a self-sustaining profitable private sector that supplies a very valuable service and provides incredible opportunity and prosperity for millions.

You would think Mr. Obama and Congress would want more tax revenue. You would think they would want more businesses and more successful ones that create jobs that help people make more income. So why does this Administration and Congress want to take away profits and kill jobs which will shrink the tax base and lower tax revenue? Why are all their policies slowing the economy and hurting businesses and jobs? Is it all about freedom and control?

You pay more taxes; you have less individual freedom to provide for yourself and your family. You then depend more and more on the government to provide for you. You are also giving more and more control over to the government.

Most of the money they take from you they squander and give to others. Those in power are buying their votes. They don’t realize it yet, but in exchange, they’ve given up their freedom for government control. Slowly as taxes go up, the government takes more control. Higher taxes equal less freedom and more government control. Lower taxes mean more freedom and opportunities for all.

Government is punishing the achievers and job creators, and rewarding the unproductive. It is human nature for the productive and job creators to therefore be less productive. That means there is less to go around and everyone has less, including government. They tax more and get less. There are fewer goods and food with less money to buy goods and food. You have more poor and starvation. Everyone is slowly becoming equally poor except the elite and those they pay off to support their power.

Of course, without a productive tax base, this is not sustainable and it crumbles. It can only limp along if a corrupt outside source, like the United Nations, IMF, World Bank or a nation props it up. This can be seen throughout history. The USSR, Cuba, Venezuela and others.

This can be a long process as well, like many countries in Europe. Socialist type policies slowly drag them down, an election happens, then they go the other way for awhile, sort of an ebb and flow. Suddenly a deep recession or worse happens, and there is a sizable shift to the “right,” towards fiscal responsibility. They have to or they won’t survive. They never learn though. They will eventually forget, ignore history and turn back.

This is why the situation in the U.S. is so absurd. While many in Europe have moved to the "right" to survive, those in power in the U.S. have moved to the "left," at the worst possible time. Is it that they would rather hurt this country than to look past their ideology and quest for power and save this country? That is their weakness and freedoms’ tragic advantage. It will make the results of their destructive policies happen much faster and also be more easily seen. People will wake up quicker and in greater numbers.

More individual freedom equals more prosperity. Less individual freedom means less prosperity. That is why the United States in only a little over 200 years has become the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth, while it has taken other nations hundreds of years longer to get where they are. Our freedom and values keep us from conquering the world and instead we help and defend the world, bringing hope and freedom to all.

Sadly, the power hungry and those who’ve forgotten or ignore history have taken over. They are now misleading many. Those of us who have not forgotten are spreading the truth of freedom, and now many wake to join the fight to save our republic, our freedom and prosperity. Slowly more and more eyes are being opened and they are now seeing the results of the destructive policies of those in power.

A government that takes away liberty and free will is a government that is not owned by the people. It is a government that goes against our founding documents. It goes against what our founders and patriots fought for, to win their independence. All men are created equal with inalienable rights, rights that are grounded in natural law not bestowed on us by government. That is why we continue to fight for freedom and liberty for all. To fight for the freedom and opportunity for everyone to become all they can be.

Truth, liberty, freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness were given to us. We must guard and protect them, even fight for them, as many have throughout the years. We must not throw it all away or they will have died in vain. God bless the United States of America.

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