Sunday, January 14, 2018

Holes, Shows, and Outrage

If President Trump is a racist, he is not a very good one. In fact, he is probably the worst racist ever. At the same time the ignorant media and leftists were having their meltdown, he was celebrating and honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. He was surrounded by African Americans. In addition, unemployment and wage increases for minorities and Black Americans are showing the most improvements under Trump's policies. A direct opposite of what they were under President Obama's policies. Minorities and African Americans did the worst. We are all better off with the supposed "racist" Trump than we were under Obama.

I won't get into how the Clinton Foundation fleeced Haiti back when the earthquake devastated that country. Deeds not words.

"Racist" is but one interpretation of what President Trump allegedly said. How can I be upset about Trump when I did not get upset when Obama called countries in the middle east, technically in Africa, "s***shows". I don’t like it when people, let alone Presidents say these things, but it does not upset me. Be honest, most of these countries are dysfunctional, with both good and bad people just like we have both good and bad people in our country. This is one reason so many from these countries come to the United States. There is nothing wrong with trying to allow only good people to immigrate to one's country. Just like every other country does. Curtailing illegal immigration is a good way to start. With a merit based immigration system, it does not matter what country people are coming from.

I suspect most people don't care about the actual word the president used. If they do, it probably is fake outrage. After all, most politicians and every modern president has used these words. Rather, they are upset at what they perceive him to have meant. I also suspect most politicians and media personalities are not really upset that Trump said this. They are just happy that he said it and are gleeful that maybe this will be the one that takes him down. I do think the everyday people that are upset are genuinely upset, even those that have been misled.

Ignore what the media says Trump says and their interpretations thereof. Go directly to the source, in this case President Trump, and interpret what he says yourself. You won't be perpetually angry, and you will be so much happier.

WATCH: Rand Paul Reveals What Trump Did For Haiti As A Private Citizen, Delivers Blow To 'Racist' Narrative