Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Women In Politics

Why do some women in America think Governor Sarah Palin should just stay home and raise her children? We hear some women from various women’s rights groups, in politics, in hollywood and in the media voicing their strong opinions on this matter. Some of the remarks could be labeled as sexist, many are profane ignorant comments filled with hate. Where is all this hatred coming from? Is it because she is a republican, a conservative? Should all women be free to be all they can be, to choose what they believe in or does this only apply if you are a liberal or a democrat? Men are free to choose to live their lives the way they see fit; they are free to choose to be liberal or conservative, democrat or republican. Women should be allowed the same freedoms. They should not have to conform to the ideals of one group in order to succeed. Do these women’s rights groups seek conformity instead of freedom for all women? Do the liberal women in politics and in the media seek conformity instead of freedom? Are they advocating rights and freedoms only for liberal women? What about the millions in this country who have the same views as Palin? Are they hated just as much because of their views? What happens when people filled with this much hatred of any kind are in control of government? They oppress and take away the freedoms of those with different views. Hatred of someone different than you whether it is because of political views, moral views, skin color or nationality is one of the causes of oppression, wars and loss of freedoms around the world.

Is it because she has a pregnant, unmarried teenage daughter? Then should all mothers with pregnant teenage daughters quit their jobs and stay home to raise their kids? If so, the American workplace will soon be a very different demographic.

Is it because she is a successful woman who has achieved so much in such a short time and yet is not a liberal or democrat? Her record as governor of Alaska is there for everyone to see. You can choose to ignore it, but it speaks for itself. She has the highest approval rating of any governor. While the state has no sales or individual income tax and each citizen receives a yearly dividend from their share in the state’s oil profits, she pushed through the legislature an additional $1200.00 check for each citizen to pay for heating bills this year. The state now has a budget surplus; she has the surplus funds making money in some type of savings fund. She pushed through and signed an ethics reform bill in 2007.

What if she had chosen to be a stay at home mom instead of pursue a political career, would she be less successful?

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